Watchmen Must Unplug — Here’s Why

Watchmen Must Unplug — Here’s Why


The term being used commonly by Watchmen to describe the unprecedented collision of End Times-related warnings that continue to unfold right before our eyes. We see it happening with higher intensity and frequency than ever before; the endless daily updates from the Middle East, the latest earthquakes, famines or impending natural disaster. Then there’s the predicted apostasy now going rampant among believers. As much as it breaks our heart to see the increase in scoffers and viciousness, it should not surprise us. We expect to see outright evil behavior in our world, flaunted and flourishing, but are we prepared to recognize and confront the distortion of the Biblical truth in our own churches? Spiritual delusion is becoming rampant and palpable as we see examples of deception in even the “redeemed”. 

Meanwhile, technological advancements are already laying the groundwork for a predicted “one-world” government—providing broad and potentially absolute control over public opinion, economics, religion, and government. Of note, even secular humanists have begun mulling over the notion that “something’s just not right in the world”, while beginning to ask broader and deeper questions. Often, sadly, after a few moments of reflection, the frenzy of life finds most of them drawn back into the world’s numbing comforts.

Frankly, in the chaos, it is easy for all of us to be distracted amidst the noise. 

We wonder: “Why can’t people see what’s happening? Where are repentance, a desire for holiness, and the fear of the Lord? How can it be that we are so deeply broken but continue to think that everything is okay? Why can’t people think critically or discern wisely anymore?”

Alert Watchmen understand that these changes are but constituent pieces that reveal to us that the “birth pangs” are only getting stronger and more visible (see Matthew 24:8 and 1 Thessalonians 5:3). So much is happening so fast. 

As Watchmen and Watchwomen, each of us has come to the wall at this unique time in history and at our specific place.  Since the view from the wall is so laden with signs of impending danger, we could easily find it physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting to hold  our position if we stay there too long or alone. Reading this, you may be aware that fatigue is happening to Watchmen all over the world, even now?

First, it means honestly understanding what is driving our focused intensity and activity.

That’s easy to answer if we sense urgency to drink from the proverbial fire hose.  Headlines are literally already describing the dress rehearsal for the impending Ezekiel 38 war as the prophesied coalition of Russia, Turkey, and Iran line up in Syria. Such a historically unprecedented alignment of nations may be shocking from the world’s perspective, but it should not surprise us.

Some might even make a case that we are commanded to “take no rest.” Why? Because in Isaiah 62:6 we read:

“On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have set watchmen; all the day and all the night they shall never be silent. You who put the LORD in remembrance, take no rest, (7) and give him no rest until he establishes Jerusalem and makes it a praise in the earth.” Isaiah 62:6-7

So, there’s the sobering realization that every day we wake that we are one day closer to the Rapture of the Church (1 Thessalonians 4:13-8 and 1 Corinthians 15:50-54). One more day done—one day closer and the Church is often numb or fast asleep. And, yes, this should naturally motivate us Watchmen to push very hard as we see many in the Body of Christ not prepared for our Lord’s return.  In many cases, we don’t see much evidence that believers are even aware that they should be preparing (as an act of obedience and stewardship).

Many of our brothers and sisters in the Lord are uninterested or ignorant regarding the relationship between current events, trends, and the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy. It even appears that Pastors and church leaders don’t prioritize teaching Bible Prophecy from the Pulpit when commanded to regularly (Acts 20:29). How can we pretend that 27% of the Word of God—that which was prophetic at the time of writing—be carved out of what we actively preach in Church?

But knowing all these facts is not enough to sustain us and avoid fatigue—we need to even more prayerfully consider and remember, WHO is drawing me?

“What’s our motivation for pushing so hard? Of course, it’s love. It is the love we’ve experienced being in Christ that compels us to reach out first to share the lifesaving news of the Gospel message. Then, as Watchmen and Watchwomen, we desire to warn, equip, and disciple as we understand what’s imminently at stake, knowing it will happen with certainty. We long to see many come to know Him and join us as we yearn for our Savior’s return. None of us want to see even a hint of disappointment in our Savior’s eyes or a resulting loss of rewards if we are called to be Watchmen and then fade away when it’s too painful, too controversial, too fatiguing.

So then, how do we run this race and sustain the pace to cross the finish line well?  As we are beginning to sense the finish line just ahead, it’s entirely rational to justify picking up the pace of our race. Since the time is short, we recognize we are no longer pacing ourselves for a marathon.  We can begin the final sprint by straining to surrender all we are.  To me, that means following His calling and offering Him our limited resources for HIS unlimited use.

We applaud you! We affirm the urgency! But with that said, here are some words of caution:

We are Not Alone

As we are all collectively heads-down absorbing the news, standing in the gap for the Body of Christ, we sometimes forget that there are other Watchmen on different parts of the wall. We share responsibility and need to work as a team. Just as rebuilding the wall was not Nehemiah’s sole responsibility, our place on the wall is not by our own design and nor is it even our wall! It’s distorted thinking and arrogance to be loners in this place—Watchmen must depend on each other and have each other’s backs…it’s just the way it needs to be, in fact the way it must be! (more to come on this…)

Unity in calling and clarity of purpose are not just nice Churchy platitudes, they are critical and only possible as Holy Spirit gives us one accord and voice. Despite the vast distances that may be between us, we can still share in a spiritual community with a burden to “stand on the wall”, each in our own places. 

Find comfort and encouragement in knowing you are not alone—we warmly receive all Watchmen that need rest, inspiration, and resources to fill up again just in time for the next shift.

Watchmen Must Get Off the Wall

That sounds odd coming from a Watchman, I know! Give yourself permission to rest and unplug. If we follow the pattern from Judaism, a Watchman’s shift changed every three (3) hours.  That’s how the Bible defines it, perhaps as it was such a critical position? So, when we exert ourselves past our “change of shift”, we not only risk becoming fatigued, or even burning out, but we may miss something critically near our wall.  It’s not good to deprive the next Watchman of their shift.  What good is a burned-out Watchman? Being a Watchman implies our eyes are focused—so if our eye lids are weary, our vision becomes fatigued. Yes, don’t rest on your shift, but get off the wall at the end of your watch. Remember, you are not alone. 

Watchmen must Unplug to Rest and Recovery

Unplugging from YouTube, news feeds, podcasts, mobile apps, web browsing and the many sources of information penetrating our homes and streaming into our cars—is a very healthy thing to do. God designed us biologically to need rest. And, yes, as a business owner, it’s difficult to prioritize sleep; I get it. I must confess, since responding to my calling to be a Watchman, I have been sleeping about 5.5 hours a night…even on weekends. Since my job requires I wake up at 3:15 AM every day, it’s a recipe for long-term fatigue. Fight for rest, for yourself, and others on the wall you see faltering. Fight the urge to just mindlessly do something (useless) while so exhausted. 

So, don’t read just one more newscast or even  an iamawatchman article, don’t retweet yet another post, instead get some rest. Then, when we are rested, we can more easily and fully reconnect with our loved ones, be it a spouse, parent, sibling or friends we deeply cherish. We need each other!

Note: I did not say unplug from the Word of God! Preserve your time in the Word and don’t let anything or anyone be elevated above it! Hear me?

Rest allows us to Reengage in our Relationship with the LORD

Would you believe me if I shared that, even as a Watchman, I got sucked up into all “the Watchman business” that was evolving and read A LOT but failed to pick up and read the Word consistently for a couple of months? It’s just shocking to confess this to you, but important that I discard the tangled feelings of shame over that statement to warn you that—yes, it can happen to all of us. This was in stark contrast to prior years when I rarely recall missing my morning reading. 

Others were feeding me, because I took shortcuts and let others speak into my life.  I didn’t own my one-on-one with the LORD. I got distracted by my thirst to learn and grow as a Watchman, I admit it.  It’s something I had to repent for.

The Word of God is my anchor! It is where my hope lies. It is the foundation of my understanding of the Gospel. It is where I find my life. So, you know where I’m going with this next statement: if you’re struggling to stay in the Word of God, to hear from God directly through it instead of letting others speak it into you—that’s plenty of evidence that you need to re-engage, recommit, reallocate time in your schedule.

Nothing is so essential that is should excuse your responsibility as a Watchman to be in the Word of God daily! If you perceive the sting of rebuke, it’s not from me. I am a Watchman, like you, flawed, living in a glass house, so I’m not tossing any rocks here. So, instead of focusing on past failures, be encouraged by the love of the Father who desires ALWAYS to bring you back to Him; He longs for your time with Him (2 Chron 16:9). Make time to “Love the Lord with all your heart”, not dwell on the news, the noise, and run from the misbehaving world falling further under the control of the Prince of the Power of the Air (Luke 10:27, 2:2).

Rest Makes Us Available For Our Essential Relationships

Watchmen must rest because if we’re not careful, we can wander off into the weeds, leading to distraction. If you are a Watchwoman (and there are plenty) think about the unique qualities, skills and pitfalls you may face as He has designed you amazingly unique!. Women are known to have far superior ability to multi-task which may make them extremely productive.  But, over a period of time, women may become exhausted in multiple areas and strain eventually begins to show in many areas, even in important relationships! Men don’t have the same level of capacity, so we almost always implode right away! Both men and women must make a real effort to rest and recover to be engaged and emotionally available to each other and to others in their lives.

                Don’t give the enemy a foothold! Read Ephesians 4:27. Take care of your relationships!

Whether you are married or single, all of us need deep relationships which take time and energy.

If you are married, your calling does not come with a license to neglect the covenantal relationship with your spouse but instead becomes a beautiful PART of your calling. The way I like to think about the priority of my wife is this: I see my enormous responsibility to the LORD as lovingly guiding my wife’s hand into Jesus’ welcoming embrace. I’m giving my wife away to Him, who is infinitely more worthy than I. In my opinion, it is my greatest calling and act of stewardship, holding her heart tenderly as we journey through our life together. In the end, I will be presenting her to Him. What joy to witness the Savior’s approval for the brief time I was given stewardship over her heart! I will praise Him for all eternity for how He brought us together. So, ladies and gentlemen, don’t miss this joy. Let’s not mess up our relationships! There is room to be both: a fantastic spouse and a Watchman.

Rest Energizes Us For our Next Shift

Recharge. Renew perspective. Reconnect. It’s what we need to do. It’s our act of obedience to the Lord and a beautiful representation of picking up our cross daily. The calling to be a Watchman is hard enough already. Take care of yourself, please. You see, the shifts happen day after day and never end until we are all graduated! Besides, the relief, peace, and joy we will discover in the process of connecting with others, reminds us that we can do this! “We have each other’s backs” means that Holy Spirit gives us eyes to see each other with His eyes and stand in the gap together. There are others on the wall, and if you strain your eyes in either direction, you may not quite see them, but you know they are there. Trust in the Lord’s provision for other Watchmen. Pray that more men and women respond to their calling. Pray earnestly! 

Again, find comfort and encouragement in knowing you are not alone—we warmly receive all Watchmen that need rest, inspiration, and resources to fill up again just in time for the next shift.

So until we meet here or in the air, I remain your brother in the Lord,

If you have not yet sensed that you are home now here at, we welcome you to declare that you are ALL IN!  You are welcome here. It is our deepest hope and prayer that you find this this ministry a source of community, encouragement and resources in your calling as a Watchman or Watchwomen. Together we must all finish strong.  (Hebrews 12:1, Revelations 3:11).


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