Watchkid Suggestions – Where to Start

Watchkid Suggestions – Where to Start

The work of a Watchkid: Serving God as a Watchkid is a great honor and requires great courage. A Watchkid is expected to be brave, bold, kind, generous, and good. A Watchkid will be quick to forgive, quick to show mercy, and quick to help. Being a Watchkid will not always be fun or easy, but it will make God happy. And you can know that in the end, you will receive a great reward! 

About this resource: The two key goals of this ministry are first, to inspire children to serve and second, to help parents foster their children’s spiritual growth. The program operates best when children and a parent or guardian review the devotional material and service suggestions together.  

The devotional material is designed to be guided by an adult who can help children understand the central truth of some of the great Bible stories. Together, children and adults can discuss practical application points and memorize verses. We believe this resource will prompt positive home discussion and encourage all to creatively engage in Great Commission work.  


  • We encourage children to invite friends to join them in this good work. The Bible says, “Two are better than one” (Ecc. 4:9a). As possible, children should try to find partners to share with, report to, learn from, and be encouraged by. 
  • We encourage children to consider starting their own Watchkid Club. This group would work together to serve others and tackle larger service projects. 
  • We encourage individuals to ask the I Am A Watchman team to pray for them, especially in advance of large service projects. Please send prayer requests through the prayer request portal:

Resources and addresses: I Am A Watchkid resources are under the RESOURCES tab located at the top of the website. Resources include:   

  • A video version of the I Am A Watchkid book      
  • a What Happened/Where Did Everybody Go illustrated book, which deals with the subject of the Rapture. 
  • downloadable files of most of the resources in this folder  
  • a bulletin board to post ideas and profiles of what Watchkids around the world are doing. Please email to to let us know what has been happening in your home. 


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