The Wonder of Bible Prophecy Video Part 2

The Wonder of Bible Prophecy Video Part 2


Bible prophecy is provided to help individuals know about the love of God and what will happen in the future by the hand of God. Through Bible prophecy, God prompts and warns those whom He loves.

2 Timothy 3:16 notes that Scripture is, “God-breathed.”  The Good News Translation of 2 Peter 1:21 states “No prophetic message ever came from…human will, but people…under the control of the Holy Spirit…spoke the message that came from God.”

How do you substantiate such a claim?  One of the best proofs for the unique, inspired nature of the Bible is the pinpoint accuracy of Bible prophecy.

This video teaching embedded below provides an overview of specific prophecies regarding Israel, and one amazingly specific prophecy noted in Ezekiel 4.


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