The Trial of Jesus

The Trial of Jesus

The Trial of Jesus

The trial of Jesus: Never has there been such a travesty of justice. Jesus was innocent. Pharisees paid off their witnesses, and their accounts conflicted with each other. The Judge, Pilate, acknowledged Jesus’ innocence but sentenced him to death anyway, and the Jewish laws associated with capital trials were violated multiple times by the Pharisees, the acting prosecution team.

Surprisingly, the unbridled hatred of Jesus brought together common enemies during the trial and crucifixion. The Pharisees paid witnesses and coordinated the trial, the Sadducees shared in the taunting and mock questioning, and the Romans coordinated the crucifixion.

The day of Jesus’ trial is called ‘Good Friday,’ but so much of that day was beyond terrible. The crowd that just a few days before shouted, "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord," now shouted, "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!"

It seems that at every step, evil prompted individuals to exceed or disregard the norm or the law. For example, the soldiers did not just beat him; they scourged him. The prosecution not only questioned him, they mocked and viciously taunted him. He did not have to be stripped. Others sentenced to death did not wear a crown of thorns. He did not have to be slapped in the face and spit on as he carried the heavy beam up the mount called Golgotha. Demonic activity is evident in the story.

The trial of Jesus profiles how a true servant of God is faithful to the end. The events of that day provide insight into what the Tribulation Period will be like—when demonic activity increases on the earth. Billions will die. Millions will suffer for their faith. The hatred spewed on Jesus 2000 years ago will be directed toward all who believe in Jesus in those last days.

You will not want to be there—you do not have to be there. Jesus spoke of a Rapture, a way of escape. Scripture notes that Jesus will come and catch-up sincere believers before the Antichrist rises to power, and the Tribulation with its death and torture begins.

The Rapture is coming. The glimpse of evil on display throughout the trial of Jesus should motivate all to enter into a relationship with Jesus today—for no one knows the day or hour of the Lord’s return.

The live worship-hour recording below profiles how the trial of Jesus was a mockery, how Jesus lived well and finished well, and how believers today are to be faithful to the Lord. Under the embedded video are links to help you be spiritually prepared for the Rapture—the return of the Lord.

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