The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble


The phrase, “the time of Jacob’s trouble” is found in Jeremiah 30:7.”[1] Its duration of 3.5 years is determined from Daniel 12:1-4. The phrase references the last part of the Tribulation period.

Jesus, Daniel, John, and Paul reference the coming of an Antichrist.[2] He will come to power after brokering a “peace covenant”[3] in the middle east and will reign for seven years. He will not come to power by brute force, but with cunning and diplomacy. He will appear to be benevolent but will show himself to be the most evil man who has ever lived.

The first 3.5 years of his reign will be difficult—marked by more intense happenings than the “Birth Pains”[4] noted in Matthew 24. Many believe that the tribulations mentioned in Revelation chapters 8-11 will take place during this time. More than a quarter of humanity will die.

The second 3.5 years of his reign is known as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble[5] and the “Great Tribulation.”[6]  It will be the darkest period of history the world has ever known. There will be severe persecution of believers, war, illness, a blight on the oceans and rivers, fierce heat, painful darkness, and an unprecedented earthquake. Millions will die at the hands of the Antichrist, and billions will die in judgments and war. The Time of Jacob’s trouble begins in Revelation 12 and will end when Jesus returns to vanquish His enemies and conclude the Battle of Armageddon (Revelation 19).

Dr. Enns writes: “Christ will conquer His enemies at His triumphant return, consigning the beast and the false prophet to the lake of fire. The Devil is also bound in the bottomless pit for a thousand years…[in this] Christ completes the subjugation of His enemies.”[7]

The Great Tribulation is coming to the earth, but so is the Rapture. The persecution and trials coming to the earth do not need to be a part of your future. Seek Jesus for forgiveness. Commit to live for Him. Commit to being a bold witness and watchman for the Lord. The Lord is coming for His bride—his Church. Are you ready? Through the Rapture, the Lord will rescue His people—keeping them from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world.”[8]


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