The Law of the Harvest

The Law of the Harvest


Things recycle in life. Eventually, you will reap the harvest of the good you have invested in or the avalanche of evil you have sown. That is true in your life and work and relationships. It is irrefutable and unstoppable.

The Biden administration just learned that lesson the hard way. During the campaign, Joe Biden (and before his nomination, all the Democratic candidates) repeatedly pointed out President Trump’s brash, blunt, and pointed tweets and statements to the press. According to some polling, many Americans voted for Biden, not because of Biden, or because they wanted Joe Biden or stood for what he espoused, but because they thought Trump was too brash and abrasive on Twitter. The Democratic Party and Big Tech successfully linked tweets to racism, and the outcome is history.

Talk about Equity and Civility is easy and cheap. But the proof of whether they believe it or it’s merely campaign rhetoric comes as soon as they are allowed to PROVE they are different. So when that moment arrives, and President Biden has the opportunity to deliver on his “centrist” big-tent, “mainstream American values,” as he repeatedly claimed, who does he nominate for key cabinet positions?

One of the most telling is Neera Tanden, whose nomination recently went down in flames due to her own words. Look up her tweet history, and you will find the kind of language, innuendo, opponent-bashing, rudeness, and volcanic political vomit that the Dems claim were Trump’s worst traits and the reason he should not be president again.

Trump’s tweets are sufficient proof he should be out? Then it’s no wonder Tanden’s tweets are adequate proof of why she was disqualified. Expect the same treatment for other nominees with similar social media histories.

Note to Dems, Liberals, Progressives, and Socialists: Get ready for the seeds you’ve sown to come back to haunt you. Payback is only ‘hell.’ Sowing and reaping are far worse.


After two years of insisting on a kinder, gentler Washington, the president has raised plenty of eyebrows, even among Dems, with his abrasive nominee choices. Neera Tanden is one of the surliest of the bunch. Over the last several years, she has fired off a myriad of social media insults as head of the radical Center for American Progress. She was everything Democrats said they hated in Trump: a brash, blunt, Twitter attack dog.

But because they owned the Networks, Big Tech, and Social Media, the Dems thought they were safe to nominate brash, surly, blunt, and brutal. Why? Did all those things suddenly become socially acceptable? No, it was because Tanden was a member of the swamp club; she was one of them, the White House thought she’d be safe. They were wrong.

You will reap what you sow. Pay attention, Cortez, Pelosi, Schumer, Whitmer, and Omar; you spent the last four years DOCUMENTING your hate, slant, prejudice, and vitriol on every platform possible. Those tweets and posts and videos are now showing up in Congressional hearings. Stop acting so surprised!

When it happens more frequently and loudly and when your interviews with Don Lemon are replayed, those statements are read back to you, Jen Psaki; remember – you set all of this up for the last four years. You wrote the rules by which you must now play.

You sowed those seeds of discord and division. Now, when those seeds grow and produce more discord and division, and you are in the House and Senate and White House, guess who will have to answer for those seeds and the harvests of hate and violence and bitterness they’ve produced?

Now that you are in office, who will you blame when violence breaks out in the streets because of YOUR words? And worse – how will you control the violence? More razor wire around more cities? More troops occupying Main Street?

Those were the EXACT things you said didn’t work when President Trump sent the Guard to Portland or Seattle or D.C. and you demanded the National Guard should be sent home.

You know those razor wire ‘walls’ you’ve erected in Washington D.C. and elsewhere that are now in thousands of photos, and millions of tweets and the background of hundreds of media live shots? Those seeds are growing.

Legal citizens will rise up and demand that if walls work in D.C. to keep out American citizens, they must also work on the Southern border to keep out illegal aliens. Expect that if it’s a good idea to block legal citizens of America from visiting national historical sites, people will soon demand the same practice to protect from an invasion of Texas and California and New Mexico and Nevada and Georgia and Florida and Louisiana. You sowed the seeds.


Now, when YOUR hate speech is replayed on CSPAN for all the world to see, who will you blame for the words that came out of your mouth or your keyboard? It was easy to blame Trump when there was a Trump to blame. Who will you blame when people finally find out you have been doing the exact same things, but the complicit main squeeze media just refused to air it?

What happens when the media is tired of being dragged along with your every whim? What happens when it’s not a FOX or OANN reporter who asks a real question, Jen Psaki? What happens when it’s (finally) an AP reporter, or a Reuters journalist, or (Gasp!) a rogue MSNBC correspondent? It’s coming. The pendulum ALWAYS swings back.

It’s going to be interesting when you face the consequences of the very same rules you put in place to bring down Conservatives. Your day is already here, and you’re only 60 days into this. You’ve sown many seeds; there is MUCH more on the way.


I grew up in rural America. I rode tractors and planted crops from the time I could walk. I grew up around Amish farmers in Ohio, German farmers in Wisconsin, and Dutch farmers in Pennsylvania. I know a few things about farming. Farmers raise livestock, gather eggs, milk cows and goats, or grow grains, and I’ve done all of those at various times in my life.

All farmers everywhere understand there is one abiding eternal, biblical, and natural law of the harvest – sowing and reaping. The Bible explains that the same law applies to every area of life and human existenceDo not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a person sows, this he will also reap” (Galatians 6:7).

That same law of the harvest also applies to politics, media, and church growth, just as it applies to plants, animals, and dirt.

It is this: Sowing and reaping always follows three principles: You always reap WHAT you sow. You always reap LATER than you sow. You always reap MORE than you sow.

To Washington and all of us, take care what you sow.


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