The Gift of Salvation – How to be Saved Video Teaching

The Gift of Salvation – How to be Saved Video Teaching


The gift of Salvation is a priceless gift. In large part, the value of a gift is determined by 1) who gave the gift  2) what it cost the person giving the gift   3) the perceived value of the gift and  4) how much it would cost to replace the gift. On all accounts, God’s gift of salvation (which includes the gift of His Son as salvation would not be possible without Jesus) is the greatest gift ever given. There is no close second.

Carnegie gave millions, Gates has given more than a billion, but comparing the greatest gifts and acts of kindness of man to God’s is like comparing the light of one match against the combined light of every star in the universe. It is sad and strange that this priceless gift of God is so misunderstood and underappreciated.

The 24-minute video teaching below profiles God’s gift of salvation. It notes the following:

  • Humanity’s need for salvation.
  • What Satan has done (and continues to do) to put humanity’s eternal destiny in jeopardy.
  • What God did in Old Testament times to address humanity’s sin problem and foreshadow the work of Jesus Christ.
  • What Jesus did through the cross and resurrection to make a final atonement for the sins of all who believe in Him.

This video teaching will explain why one should be saved and how one can be saved. The presentation of this information may not be amazing, but the information presented in the teaching is vital.

All should know it—believers should be able to share it. We encourage you to watch the video, take notes, make any personal spiritual decisions God is leading you to make, share your spiritual decisions on the I Am A Watchman Share Your Testimony/Story Form, and prepare to share your faith with others.

Note: Additional information on the subject of salvation can be found on the I Am A Watchman website by clicking here.


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