The First Eschatology Passage in Scripture

The First Eschatology Passage in Scripture

The First Eschatology Passage in Scripture

Deuteronomy 31-33 records the last days of Moses. Before Moses shares his farewell address, God gives him a song and instructs him to teach it to the people. Though the Spirit inspires many songs in Scripture, there is something unique about this song and how it is given. Moses’ song is also notable because it has an eschatological element. In fact, embodied in the song is the first prophecy in the Bible concerning the last days.

The song references “the latter days,” apostasy, a “crooked generation,” how God will miraculously establish and revive Israel. Moses sings about attacks against Israel, divine Tribulation-era judgments on Israel, divinely wrought victory for Israel, the cleansing of the land, and a coming time of celebration and worship for Jews and Gentiles.

Consider how this song, given about 3400 years ago, speaks of both the Babylonian captivity (circa 600 BC) and the times surrounding Israel in the latter days (Deut. 31:29, 32:29) and Tribulation Period.

This chart presents a few excerpts from Deuteronomy 32, corresponding to references for what is happening in Israel today and what will happen in the days to come.






Duet. 31:29, 32:29

These verses reference the timing: the “latter days.”

2 Pet. 3:1-5

Multiple fulfilled prophecies indicate these are the “latter” or last days for Israel and the world

Rev. 1:1-3

Deut. 32:5a

Israel will not consider themselves, or act like “God’s children.”

2 Tim. 3:1-9

Rom. 9:6-9

Israel is a secular state. Judaism is today more racial than religious.

Rev. 9:20

Deut. 32:5b

This part of the verse references a “crooked generation.”

Matt. 24:12, 34

Israel’s government has been marked by scandal and controversy.

Matt. 25:31-46

Deut. 32:6

This verse notes how God will miraculously establish Israel.

Isa. 66:8

According to the prophecy, Israel was established as a sovereign and independent nation by the United Nations “in a day” (May 14, 1948).

Israel will be a nation and control the Temple Mount area during the Tribulation. The Temple will be rebuilt.

Deut. 32:10

God will keep Israel as the “apple of His eye.”

Matt. 24:34

Ezek. 38:18-23

Israel is prospering today. Her enemies cannot prevail.

Ezek. 39:1-8

Deut. 32:13

Israel will be revived. “Fields will produce food.” Also, they will find oil in “flinty rocks.”

Joel 2:18-19

Isa. 27:6

Hos. 13:6

Israel has “bloomed.” It is a leading producer of food, water, and natural gas in the Middle East.

Ezek. 38:7-12

Hosea 14:4-7

Deut. 32:15

Israel will prosper but forget the God who made and blessed them.

Isa. 51:13

Rev. 3:14-17

This age represented b the Laodicean Church (Rev. 3:14-17) is weak in faith.

Rev. 6:15-17

Deut. 32:21a

Israel will be “provoked by those who are not a nation.”

Psalm 83 references the Palestinians as a hostile group.

Israel is constantly under threat of missile and terrorist attacks from Palestinian groups.

Rev. 16:13-14

Rev. 19:19

Deut. 32:21b

Israel will be “moved to anger by a foolish nation.”

Isa. 17

Jer. 49:34b-39

Syria and Iran aggressively and foolishly speak of Israel’s destruction.

The city of Damascus, Syria, will be utterly destroyed (Isa. 17). Elam, in Iran, will be struck by missiles (Jer. 49)

Deut. 32:24a

Israel will suffer God’s judgment: “I will heap disasters on them…hunger and pestilence.”

Matt. 24:21-22, 25

Rev. 8-9

Israel has been attacked but will be saved from dire judgments until the Tribulation begins.

Rev. 6 speaks of disasters, hunger, and pestilence.

Deut. 32:24b

“I will send against them the teeth of beasts, with the poison of serpents…”


This is a Tribulation period event.

Rev. 9:1-11

Deut. 32:31

Judgments will be so profound even enemies will say they are from God.

Ezek. 38:22-23

Ezek. 39: 7b-8

Partially fulfilled after amazing military victories in 1948-49, 67, 73.

Rev. 16:9-11

Deut. 32:35b

“Their day of destruction is at hand.”

Ezek. 7:12

Joel 2:11

This is a Tribulation Period event

Rev. 6:17

Zech. 14:1-9

Deut. 32:39, 41

God is sovereign: “I kill and make alive; I wound, and I heal…My hand takes hold on judgment…”

Joel 3:2

Seen throughout history and ultimately concluded in the Tribulation.

Rev. 7:2-3

Rev. 14:14-20

Rev. 20:4

Deut. 32:42

“My sword will devour flesh.”

2 Thess. 2:8

This is a Tribulation Period event

Rev. 19:11-21

Rev. 20:9

Zech. 14:12

Deut. 32:43a

There will come a time when Gentiles and [Messianic] Jews will rejoice together

Isa. 60:2-3

Zeph. 3:15-16

Zech. 2:10-11

This will be a Tribulation Period event

Rev. 19:11-21

Rev. 20:1-3

Tribulation Saints will be Jew and Gentile

Deut. 32:43b

“The land will be cleansed.”

Micah 4:1-5

Zech. 8:1-9

This is a Tribulation Period event

Rev. 21:1

A renewed earth will come with the millennial reign of Christ


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