Teaching Series 301

Teaching Kit 301

The End is Near

The Rapture, Judgment, and Heaven

Week 1 of 6 - The Rapture

The skies will soon be filled with noise. It’s not thunder although some may interpret what they hear as that sound. This is Jesus’ return. With a victory shout, a trumpet blast, and an angelic announcement, Jesus will come for His bride. Christians will rise in the clouds, receive a new body, and never face trouble again. United with Jesus who rose, we’ll leave all our troubles behind. Troubles will worsen on earth as planes fall and evil rises. Come next week as we give the itinerary for your coming trip.

Week 2 of 6 - The Judgment Seat of Christ

One day, Jesus will stand before us. We will see all His glory. And we will see ourselves in comparison to Him. It will not be pretty. All pride will melt away. We will also see the rewards available to us if we had served more faithfully. It could get a little discouraging. There will be some tears that fall, but there will also be praise. Jesus’ evaluation of us is coming. Being here next week will help you prepare as you hear the basis of His evaluation and His rewards.

Week 3 of 6 - The Tribulation

Trials and tribulation. Life seems to be full of them. Much of the trouble we get into is due to our own actions. Either we didn’t listen, or we weren’t willing to submit to someone else’s authority. The trouble we’ve seen can never come close to what trouble lies ahead. Jesus prophesied a 7-year period worse than any before led by people as evil as evil can get. Come next week. What lies ahead will be more unimaginable than any movie you’ve ever seen.

Week 4 of 6 - Second Coming and the Millennium

Unparalleled trouble is coming. Evil will apparently reign for seven years. Suffering and death will increase. But then Jesus will come back, expel evil’s leaders from the earth, and establish His rightful place as King. Many have promised that life under their rule will be good. None have delivered the way Jesus will. During the 1000 years after the Tribulation, life-spans will dramatically increase, need will become a thing of the past, and laughter and joy will fill every life. Come next week to hear further details about this wonderful time.

Week 5 of 6 - Great White Throne Judgment

The judge announces the verdict. The gavel pounds the wooden block. “Guilty.” Many will escape the sentence they deserve because Jesus already took their penalty on the cross. But most will suffer the judgment their sin requires. They rejected the forgiveness the cross could have provided. Next week won’t be fun, but the truth we’ll examine is necessary for us to understand. Eternal judgment and its suffering are coming for all those who choose to rebel against God.

Week 6 of 6 - Heaven

Life has its struggles. The older we get, the more suffering we face. But Jesus promised He’s coming to take us to His perfect home. What you may not understand is His home will be here. He’s taking the planet He once created and making it new. The environment will be exactly what we need. More significant is the company we’ll enjoy. Jesus, our family and friends, and the saints of the past will experience eternity together. Come next week as we explore the place and the life God has planned for His children.