Teaching Series 201

Teaching Kit 201

The Olivet Discourse

Signs of the End

Week 1 of 6 - What to Expect When You're Expecting

We’ve all got questions about the future. The world seems to be hurtling toward war, getting closer with each passing day. Not much has changed since Jesus walked the earth. They’ve just gotten worse.

Jesus warned His disciples worse was coming, not just with the world but with the Church. He told us this not to scare us but to challenge us to prepare for the return of the King. Join us next week as we begin an exciting journey into the future.

Week 2 of 6 - The Tribulation

Beasts. A Dragon. Plagues and wars that kill over half the world’s population. These are only a few events filling the 7-year period of unparalleled trouble Jesus called the Tribulation.

Don’t worry. If you’re a Christian, you’ll be gone from the earth when trouble with a capital “T” comes. And during that time, God still has His witness and pours out mercy as He pours out His judgment. He will rescue millions from Hell. Come next week as we examine this scary but exciting time.

Week 3 of 6 - Certainty of Coming - Uncertainty of Timing

We like to plan. It helps us feel a sense of control. But Jesus’ return is not something we can put on the calendar. It might be tomorrow. It might be far in the future.

Jesus wants us to live as if He’s on His way right now. That’s the only way to guarantee we’ll be prepared no matter the time of his return. Next week will help you know what “prepared” means. His coming in the future, must have an impact on the way we live now.

Week 4 of 6 - Once Upon a Time - Parable of Ten Virgins

“Once upon a time…” That’s how childhood fairy tales usually start. Something happened a long time ago, and the telling is supposed to teach us a moral for today.

Continuing His theme of End-Times events, Jesus told three stories. Each communicated a possible response to Jesus’ return. The first story about ten virgins stresses the importance of being ready for the Groom. If you like stories, come next week for a wedding story.

Week 5 of 6 - Playing it Safe - Parable of Talents

Investing in dark days has always been difficult. It is also God’s desire. All resources belong to God, and He chooses to entrust them to us.

We have the responsibility of using God’s resources, and He will require an accounting for how well we did. God rewards with affirmation and advancement according to how we perform. Come next week to discover what God wants us to do with His resources, when, and what rewards obedience will bring.

Week 6 of 6 - Parables of Sheep and Goats

Kindness is fading from modern society. Incidences of road rage, school shootings, and domestic disturbance fill the news. Get angry first, discuss later. It’s easier and sometimes safer just to keep to yourself. As Christians, we don’t have that option.

Jesus treats the kindness done or undone as if it was directed toward Him. The approach of the world’s end makes expressions of love increasingly important. Come next week as we discover simple kindness gets us Jesus’ reward.

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