Teaching Series 101

Teaching Kit 101

What to expect when you're expecting

(Matt, 24:1-14) - Signs of the End

Week 1 of 6 - The Battle for Your Soul

There is an unseen spiritual war raging around us at all times. Some are aware of the war; others are not. The battle began when Satan and those who followed him rebelled against the authority of God.

The struggle between these unmatched opponents spilled over into God’s creation and His creatures. God wins in the end, but each individual must decide for himself who will win in his life. Join us next week as we bring this hidden war into the light.

Week 2 of 6 - Jesus, the Only Way to God

As many were walking away from Jesus, the disciples declared their undying allegiance. They knew only Jesus had the words of life. He is the single means of salvation.

So many promise what only Jesus can provide and none of them can deliver. There is no other name God has given to bridge the gap between Heaven and earth. Join us next week as we examine seven facts about Jesus that qualify Him to be the unique way to God.

Week 3 of 6 - The Great Exchange

The only way for us to come to God is for Jesus to exchange His righteousness for our sin. He didn’t want our sin, but He did want us. The reason He had to conduct this transaction is that we traded the treasure God gave us for something as empty and transitory as sin. Join us next week as we examine the poor exchanges humanity made throughout time, and the inexpressible price God paid to get us.

Week 4 of 6 - Our Identity in Christ

It matters not what we were before we came to Christ. Jesus makes us new. The One who originally formed us is willing and able to transform us into His image. We are no longer what we were. We are God’s new creation. Join us next week as we tell the stories of seven people who had a difficult past but whose future was radically changed by Jesus.

Week 5 of 6 - Our Great Wedding

God explains the relationship between Christ and the Church through the illustration of a husband and wife relationship. Christ performs multiple functions as our Bridegroom. He leads and protects. He loves us, suffers for us, and refines us. One day, He will escort us home. Join us next week as we rejoice in all Christ has done.

Week 6 of 6 - Finishing Well

The race we run as Christians will come to an end one day. To finish that race well, we must be preparing today. Jesus is waiting at the Finish Line. He wants us to win. We want Him to be proud. Next week, we’ll show you seven factors that can determine your standing at the race’s end. Find out how to Finish Well.

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