Submission Policy Disclaimer

Submission Policy Disclaimer

Article Submission Policy & Disclaimers

If you are a Watchman, you are home. This is your community. We have created this platform for you. I Am a Watchman (IAWM) exists to lift up the Body of Christ in general and specifically Watchmen and Watchwomen around the world in their unique mission in these last days. The online publication is available through the website and includes articles, End Times news, Pastoral & Teaching Resources, End Times articles, Small Group Studies, encouraging articles, blogs, and downloadable content. Print media is published through The Watchman Collective, a division of I Am a Watchman Ministries.

The Watchman Ministry is funded by donations and support of private individuals with a heart to reach the world in these last days. Article submissions are not paid but are open to freelance writers for free exposure. We will provide full attribution, a bio blurb, and at our discretion, links to authors’ websites and other promotional recognition in exchange for content.

Content Submissions

I Am a Watchman Ministries selectively accepts content contributions. We most heavily consider previously unpublished, original articles from both amateur and professional authors. We welcome article queries conforming to the following guidelines:

All articles must conform to generally–accepted writing and publishing standards; only publish-ready content will be accepted. In an effort to offer ministry outlets to non-professional writers, we will supply editing and proofreading services for a fee for unestablished writers, only for content we have pre-determined we will use once edited.

All writing must be sharp, to-the-point, compelling and authoritative. We do not generally publish ‘folksy’ or colloquial pieces. Well-connected illustrations are acceptable provided they are non-anecdotal. The Pastoral Resources section has stringent editorial guidelines. Unedited transcripts of sermons seldom convert well into articles and are rarely accepted.


We publish primarily within the following categories:

>Watchmen Testimonies: [500-700 words] This category is reserved for encouraging, equipping, and connecting Watchmen from around the world. If you are a member of this community, consider this your home. We are a band of brothers and sisters with a distinctive calling. We want to share in your personal testimony of ministry in your country or city. What is the prophetic picture from South Africa, or the Philippines, Montana or wherever God placed you? Tell us the view from your wall. We prioritize articles which inspire or arm Watchmen to Finish Well.

>End Times Prophetic: [1500 words max] This area focuses on Biblical Prophecy as it relates to the Rapture, Christ’ Millennial Kingdom, the Antichrist and other topics addressing significant last days events. Articles for this category must be well-documented with Scripture, not personal opinion. While we welcome various opinions, we reserve the right to make a final judgment on the appropriateness or application of articles. We are not affiliated with any denomination and neither promote nor diminish specific ministries. Please refrain from promoting any such agendas in your article. Please note: We do not set dates or make outrageous claims to have secret insights from God revealing mysterious prophetic events, signs or information. Please refrain from sending such content; it will be declined 100 percent of the time.

>Blog-style Inspirational: [600 words or less] This category is best suited for true stories of lives changed by the message “Jesus is Coming.” This section differs from “Watchmen Testimonies” in that we are looking for the Gospel’s effect on others as opposed to Watchmen themselves. We will consider high-quality original podcasts. We do not accept third-party videos.

>Educational: [1000-1800 words] Includes topical material which can be used as a reference or resource for ministries such as small groups or church meetings. This category is primarily proprietary I Am a Watchman material and will rarely accept unsolicited content. Please note: Unless you are a recognized expert in your field, frequent guest speaker on the subject matter, have a substantial blog YouTube or Facebook audience, or are a published, respected writer in the field, your material will likely be declined.

>Op-eds: [2000 words max] Subject-specific material designed to target a particular audience or topic is occasionally invited from guest writers or affiliate organizations who hold pre-existing relationships with IAWM. Any/All Op-eds are exclusively by request of the I Am a Watchman Ministry group. Unsolicited submissions will not be accepted for this area.

>Comments: [under 300 words] All comments, regardless of length, are fully moderated for content, tone, and Christ-likeness. We reserve the right to accept or reject in full or in part any comments which would reflect poorly on the name of Christ, His Church or IAWM. Quality participation, on the other hand, may earn you an invitation to submit articles.

>Feature Articles: [1600-2000 words] This category primarily contains material which has been assigned and/or pre-approved. We do not discourage submissions which experienced authors consider substantial and professional enough for this area, however, please understand unsolicited articles of feature-length rarely appear in that capacity.

>Doctrinal Positions: Please see the I Am a Watchman Beliefs for specific doctrinal positions. Generally speaking, we are an Evangelical, centrist, conservative, local church supporting organization. We do not set dates, blast daily warnings about the End of the World, or disparage other ministries. If that is your lane, some sites may welcome that content, we do not.

How Should My Content Be Submitted?

  • All content must be in 12 pt. Verdana font.
  • Do not vary font style or size throughout the article.
  • Do not include images or videos of any kind.
  • Do not use callout boxes in articles.
  • Avoid excessive use of italics, bold, or underline.
  • Endnotes and references should follow Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Plagiarized and uncredited content will be rejected.
  • Please refrain from using content you feel is public domain material as this requires cross-checking which we do not provide.
  • Articles should be submitted using the attached link.


Secondary Publishing

Featured articles may be published by other sites, ministries, magazines, or Christian organizations only at the discretion and permission of I Am a Watchman Ministries. Standard bylines and credits apply. In some cases, a link to the site may be required. Please contact the Editor or Site Director’s office for publication requests. (See Contact Us)

Rights of Use

Standard Fair Use guidelines apply to all work on this site and any affiliated sites associated with I Am a Watchman, including, but not limited to, and

By submitting your article to I Am a Watchman Ministries (IAWM), you and/or your organization are granting unlimited rights of use across all digital platforms of I Am a Watchman Ministries. In the event your submission is accepted and published, your content will be distributed across our channels including web, social media, RSS, email, mobile, and pdf.

We operate under the assumption you have the right to grant the use of materials you provide. It is the writer’s responsibility to verify this before submitting any material for publication.

Educational Use

Individual quotes or sections may be lifted and quoted for classroom or other educational purposes. Scholarly works are automatically permissioned to use content provided appropriate reference is given to the site and the quoted article. If portions of any IAWM article is used, it must be cited as follows: “content used by permission from” An accompanying link to the site must be attached to the quote or endnote.

Downloads and Redistribution

Some content in Pastoral Resources (e.g.:, bulletin inserts, PowerPoints) may be used freely and distributed within a church or small group. For authorization to print more than 500 copies, please contact IAWM for specific permission. No content may be sold, distributed or published in a for-profit application, or used for any project or ministry which charges a fee for the content unless express permission is obtained in advance from I Am a Watchman Ministries.

Ownership Limitations

Previously published or copyrighted material, unless otherwise designated, remains the possession of the author with byline credit. Where copyrights exist on submissions, that information must be divulged and noted when submitting the content before I Am a Watchman can use it. By making such claim and submitting any article, it is presumed you have the right to do so. In the event any work is compensated, that work becomes the exclusive property of IAWM.


All work on all I Am a Watchman Ministry sites, (except under Ownership Limitations above) are the copyrighted property of the I Am a Watchman Ministry. All rights reserved thereunder apply. I Am a Watchman copyrights comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The website and its content are subject to the laws of the United States.

Liability Disclaimers

The material on all I Am a Watchman sites is being made available with the belief and faith that the content has passed certain internal guidelines and meets with our approval. However, the below standards apply in all such circumstances listed. We place our trust in our users who place their trust in the same God we serve, that the site and its content will be used to bring glory to the name of Christ, honor the Church, and encourage all to Finish Well in Jesus name. To that end, all the following apply to all portions of the site and all content published in it.

  • I Am a Watchman Ministry has provided this site and its affiliates as a service to the public and other site owners and Christian organizations.
  • The I Am a Watchman Ministry is not responsible for and expressly disclaims all liability for, or damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within this site.
  • Content is made available with the understanding that anyone reading or using such content will not, in any way, provide professional advice or counsel based upon any of that content.
  • All content is curated with the utmost care, however, before relying on any posted content, users are responsible for independently verifying accuracy, and completeness of any details, quotes, or statements made in posted content. We make every attempt to monitor the information contained within the site, and some articles are periodically updated. However, no guarantee is offered that the information provided is always correct, complete or up-to-date.
  • It is understood that some articles may reflect opinions or views which are not those of I Am a Watchman Ministries. While we do not attempt to condemn other End Times positions or historical doctrines, it is understood that there is not consensus on all Bible Prophecy teachings.
  • Outbound links to or the listing of any contributor’s site or company do not constitute an endorsement of the material on those sites, or any associated services or products they may offer. Such links to other sites are included strictly for the user’s convenience. I Am a Watchman cannot investigate claims made by advertisers on other sites. The same policies apply to any reciprocal links they may provide to I Am a Watchman which may inadvertently contain ads or offers.
  • Posted content may include recommendations, personal opinions or other references which do not necessarily reflect our views. The name or listing of a person, company or ministry in no way implies any form of endorsement of that person, their site, their content or supporters of their organization or outreach.
  • Due to the nature of End Times subject matter, some content on this site could be classified, in movie terms – “PG.” The descriptions of and depiction of characters in the Last Days, as well as events surrounding them, can be intense, and we make no apology for their intensity, nor will we back away from difficult issues when neutrality would mean compromise. There is no intent to offend or However, the facts are sometimes scarier than the fiction. We do not condone scare tactics to make a point on the soon return of Christ.
  • There are inherent risks in sending material of a sensitive nature across the internet. While every precaution is taken, the transmission of such information is at the risk of the transferee. I Am a Watchman Ministries is not responsible for lost, stolen or hacked material. By sending material to I Am a Watchman, it is understood and accepted that those risks are the responsibility of the sender.

Non-Profit Status: Monthly support and one-time gifts keep the ministry functioning. I Am a Watchman Ministries has a pending 501c3 non-profit ministry application. Donations are currently not tax-deductible.

Are you a Church? Please consider adding I Am a Watchman Ministries to your missions budget. A select few organizations provide resources on this vital subject matter with the biblical balance you find here. Pastors and entire churches and will be changed, challenged, encouraged and equipped through the unique content you find here. Pray for us, and the worldwide network of Watchmen and Watchwomen who call this ministry home.

The work is great and widely spread, and we are separated on the wall, far from one another. In the place where you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there. Our God will fight for us.” [Nehemiah 4:19,20]


©2018 iamawatchman, Inc. All rights reserved.

I Am A Watchman Ministries materials are copyrighted. Use and redistribution is subject to standard Fair Use Guidelines – Any use in published work (either print or ebooks) must include the copyright reference: “Copyrighted resource of iamawatchman, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.” NOTE: Articles which are re-posted online, in part or total, must include the above statement. We ask that re-posts also include an active link to

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