Storm Clouds Brewing

Storm Clouds Brewing

Storm Clouds Brewing


It takes a long time to set up dominos in a line—but after the first one is tipped, the others fall in quick succession. 

There are a number of crisis points around the world. Events are unfolding that Watchmen should be aware of and incorporate into their witness. A brief profile and a few suggestions follow:

  • Finances: Crisis points are reported in Turkey,  China, and Iran. The U.S and much of Europe report concerning inflation stats and gloomy economic outlooks. Watchmen see the ties between global financial instability, talk of a financial reset, and the global financial system the Antichrist will usher-in during the Tribulation.
  • Supply Chain: The UK and US report serious supply chain issues, large enough to disrupt markets and economies. A breakdown in goods and services could cause, or lead to events which cause, the world to be open to new systems and a kind of martial law imposed by the Antichrist. 
  • Blackouts/Energy: Wide-spread blackouts have been reported in China, Iran, Germany, and the UK. Power supply lines and sources are under threat due to government policies, shifting alliances, and infrastructure issues. Revelation 6 prophesies regarding war and hardship could be triggered or marked by power shortages.
  • The Pandemic: The recent announcement of a new COVID-19 variant, lockdowns and arrests in Australia, and vaccine mandates across the globe are promoting massive demonstrations and civil unrest. Today’s pandemic foreshadows the plagues referenced in Revelation 6:8.
  • Russia and Ukraine: Russia has amassed more than 125,000 troops on the Ukrainian border. The move threatens peace in the region. Russia’s growing belligerence, combined with perceived weakening US resolve to support Israel or NATO allies, helps to frame the backdrop for the Ezekiel 38-39 Russia-led movement against Israel. A weak US also emboldens China to move on Taiwan and Iran to threaten Israel and move into Iraq.
  • Israel – Syria – Iran: On December 4th, five drones penetrated Iranian airspace and attacked Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. The large explosion was heard 20 kilometers away. Iran has blocked communications and the details of the incident are unclear at the time of this writing. Additionally, a frigate was capsized in an Iranian harbor and large containers recently offloaded at a Syrian port (likely containing weapons) were bombed by Israel. These events seem to preview the fulfillment of prophecies noted in Jeremiah 49:35-37 and Isaiah 17. Those prophecies speak of the destruction of Damascus and an airstrike on Elam, an ancient designation for a region in present day Iran, where the Natanz nuclear development site is located.

These “birth pains” are referenced in prophecy. Watchmen are encouraged to watch for signs that signal the soon return of the Lord. Luke 25:28 reads, “When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” 

The times should prompt a sense of urgency to be about the Master’s business—this means preparing personally, sharing of His return boldly, and considering ways to provide for those who will not be taken in the coming Rapture. A few suggestions and helps are noted below:


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