Rabbi Jason Sobel: Author of Mysteries of the Messiah

Rabbi Jason Sobel: Author of Mysteries of the Messiah

A View from the Wall with Rabbi Jason Sobel

As Christians, we say we believe the Bible, but we often miss its Jewish meanings. How can understanding the original background of Scripture help us better live for God today?

Rabbi Jason is the founder of Fusion Global, a ministry influenced by his powerful story of living as a Jewish follower of Christ. Rabbi Jason is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and Southeastern Seminary, and he has appeared on numerous programs.

He is also the co-author of the New York Times bestseller The Rock, The Road, and The Rabbi, with Kathie Lee Gifford who was on our program last week. Rabbi Jason has served as Spiritual Advisor of The Chosen TV series with our friend Dallas Jenkins. He has a new book we discuss in this episode called Mysteries of the Messiah to help us better understand the Jewish backgrounds of the life of Jesus.

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