Purpose Statement – Core Values

Purpose Statement – Core Values

The I Am A Watchman ministry has been established to help individuals know the love of Jesus, enter into a relationship with Jesus, live for Jesus, tell others about Jesus, and prepare for the imminent return of Jesus. In informal language, the Watchman ministry strives to help individuals finish well. We want to inspire the body to live a life of meaning and purpose, and at the coming judgment hear the Lord say,

“Well done my good and faithful servant.”

In more theological terms, Watchman ministry’s focus is to help prepare the bride to meet the coming Bridegroom. This language comes from Matt. 25:1-46; Rev. 19:7-9; Rev. 21:2; John 14:1-3; Rev. 21:9-11. The phrase is a word picture that imagines believers as the Bride of Christ, who stands in readiness and purity, waiting for the Groom, who has promised to return, reward, and take his bride away.

The wise will strive to live well so they can finish well. The prudent will work to be aware of what God has done and what prophecy notes He will do in the days to come. In support of these goals, the I Am A Watchman ministry is happy to make available at no cost a wealth of discipleship, prophecy, and spiritual growth resources for those who desire to learn, and those who are called to lead.

Five Core Principles

COMMUNITY: The Community of Watchmen is extensive and growing. We are separated by nations and time zones, but we depend upon each other. The I Am A Watchman ministry felt the Spirit of God calling us to become that place where Watchmen can connect with others who share the same calling. The resources here were created with you in mind. Grow in your calling. Share your prayers and experiences. Connect. When it’s not your shift on the wall, you need a place to relax and refresh, to grow and prepare. We trust you will find that here. From God’s heart to yours—welcome to the Community of Watchmen.

WARN: The I Am A Watchman ministry will present information profiling what the Bible says God has done, and what Bible prophecy notes God is about to do. To this end, this ministry will utilize various online platforms (website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, a Blog, etc.) to present text, audio and video content designed to educate, encourage, exhort and inform.

REACH: The I Am A Watchman ministry will present information designed to help individuals become aware of the urgent need to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Accordingly, we include prayer request and Q & A portals. Information on the Why’s, How’s, and Benefits of being ‘saved’ will be visible, loving, frequent and compelling.

DISCIPLE: The I Am A Watchman ministry will help individuals grow in their spiritual walk by making available a library of helpful, informative, and inspirational files. The digital library will include articles and position papers on pertinent spiritual topics, Bible Studies, Bible reading and prayer guides, apologetics (Reasons-to-Believe) files, and documents and video teachings related to the topics of Bible prophecy and eschatology.

ENGAGE: The I Am A Watchman ministry will encourage individuals to commit (or recommit) to being ALL-IN for Jesus. This ministry will issue specific challenges profiling what it means for individuals and churches to be ALL IN, including the following:

  • Committing to pray for the lost.
  • Committing to pray for members of the Body of Christ.
  • Committing to pray for those called to be Watchmen and Watchwomen globally.
  • Committing to pray for the I Am A Watchman ministry.
  • Committing to be strategic about connecting with, serving and sharing the Gospel with lost people.
  • Committing to warn (as the Ezekiel 33 Watchman) the world of the impending return of Jesus Christ.
  • Committing to study and grow in Christian maturity.
  • Committing to purity and refinement in these perilous days.
  • Committing to increase or develop a daily quiet time of prayer and study.
  • Committing to serve in a local ministry.


We trust God you will engage with us and with other Watchmen as we hear from God, follow His leading, and Finish Well.


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