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Welcome to I Am A Watchman. Our vision is to encourage and equip believers, reach the lost, and prepare all for the return of Christ. To this end we provide many free resources on a variety of platforms.

I Am A Watchman resources are Christian and evangelistic. A conservative and centrist tone is maintained in all writings and teaching resources.  Doctrinal and Core Belief statements are posted here:

An overview of I Am A Watchman resources is presented below. Links are provided for your convenience.

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iamawatchman, Inc. is funded by corporate donations, individual donors, and can be a part of a Church Ministry budget line item.  Please come alongside our team as we do our best to follow the Lord’s leading to encourage, disciple, educate, and bring people from all people groups into a right relationship with Jesus.


iamawatchman, Inc. is a registered non-profit corporation in California, USA.  We have filed for a 501(c)(3) IRS exemption as of March, 2018, but cannot guarantee that donations will be tax exempt until approval.  We hope for approval by the end of the year.