“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9)

Sow righteousness for yourselves, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the LORD…” (Hosea 10:12)

“Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! He who goes out weeping, bearing a trail of seed, will surely return with shouts of joy, carrying sheaves of grain.” (Psalm 126:5,6)

The examples of Planting and Harvesting (or Sowing and Reaping) are found throughout the Bible. It is an essential principle which illustrates God’s faithfulness (Psalm 31:23), justice for good or evil (Galatians 6:7), how we influence the world around us as Watchmen (Matthew 13:32), salvation and eternal life (Mark 4:13-20), and the rewards that await us in Heaven someday (Proverbs 11:18).

It’s an incredibly gratifying experience to plant something that grows from a tiny seed until it eventually becomes a fruit or vegetable or product you can eat or use. It’s a process I know well because I grew up on a farm. I remember when I was very young planting the seeds, then running out there every day to check on my beans or corn or tomatoes. I wanted to see them all grown and ready to eat, but that process takes weeks or months.

Waiting is the hardest part of farming. Plant…W-A-I-T…Eat.

Growth is mostly waiting. Plant, Water, Sunshine, Plow, Fertilize, all are part of growing crops, but the process is mostly that one word – wait. Be patient Watchman. You sow. You wait. You water. You wait. One day, that person you’ve witnessed to ten times will get saved. It’s worth the wait.


Lord the harvest is Yours. You want people to be saved even more than I do. I will sow. I will pray. I will wait. You will grow the harvest.



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