Paul’s Final Exhortation to the Church

Paul’s Final Exhortation to the Church

Paul’s Final Exhortation to the Church

Rather than writing about his needs, Paul provides comfort and direction for others. Rather than focusing on his current situation, his words prepare believers for what would come in the future.

Paul’s future is our present. We must heed the warnings and directives he so wondrously conveyed:

  • Judgments are coming. Be ready. Several are profiled here:

The Bema Seat Judgement

The Sheep and Goat Judgement

The White Throne Judgment

  • Preach, share, and proclaim His Word. This commandment is for all believers, not merely ministry professionals.
  • Rebuke and exhort with wisdom, love, and patience. Let the Word be your guide. Your goal is not just information but transformation. Inform the spiritually blind and weary what Christ expects and how the Spirit helps us walk the path of righteousness. Do so in love.
  • Study the Word, so you are prepared to skillfully identify and confront incorrect and unbiblical teaching.
  • Sharpen your witnessing skills. We must compel the complacent and all who stray from truth to enter or renew a right relationship with God.
  • Endure suffering with grace. For Watchmen, suffering is not a possibility or a probability – it is a promise (Matthew 10:16-24; John 15:18-20a). Armor up! Be ready! Expect resistance! Pray for strength and wisdom to respond with grace! Persevere!

Paul knew his death was imminent when he wrote the book of 2 Timothy. In a way, this passage of Scripture is his final, formal appeal to the Church. We must give these divinely-inspired words due consideration, praying that God will reveal how to grow in these six essential areas.

May God bless you as you strive to grow in the faith.


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