Open Your Hand

Open Your Hand

Expect to be stretched as a business person Watchman. Frankly, I didn’t see this aspect of my calling coming until I was confronted with it early on. You see, as I was interviewing what was to become the team at the very beginning, each of them spoke deeply into my heart with important considerations and possibilities for the birthing of this ministry that I had not previously considered. It was unmistakable when it occurred. I just knew that something authentic and special had happened and that I needed to pay attention.

As business people engaged in day to day workloads, we have moments like this often. You might call it sudden insight.

It is a regular part of business…it’s what we do. It can be the birth of a new competitive idea, a new layer of market innovation leading to better differentiation, or greater productivity leading to improved operating margins. These insights are what forge the growth of our businesses…so, it’s something we take seriously! Right?

As a Christ follower, however, this sudden insight is not purely of earthly origin or benefit. In my case, Holy Spirit used these comments to make His desire known for shaping what was to become an ongoing step-by-step maturing process of our ministry and its focus. Let me provide just one example.

One pastor, now on our team, mentioned that teaching on Prophecy—although representing nearly 27 percent of the entire Bible—is largely missing from the pulpit today. It’s a fact. He suggested that we invest in helping re-introduce these important teachings to Churches all over the world.

As I listened intently during his interview, this pastor continued to unpack his initial comment to me. The problem many pastors faced was this: even if they did feel a burden to bring important Biblical truth regarding prophecy to the pulpit, where would they start? How can a pastor—someone who is constantly stretched by many demands—find the time to research, prepare, and articulate one or more sermons on preparing the Bride of Christ for His soon coming? It is a truly vast area to explore!

Wow. I had what I now call an open hand moment.

I must admit it was an odd feeling letting someone else, someone I didn’t know yet, speak into my ministry vision. I’m used to making my own decisions and then fearlessly forging ahead to materialize the vision; in my case, software products. Sometimes, the process can look quite forceful to outsiders. The singular focus required in these pursuits means that we are often forced to block out distractions. The effort involved is so intense and takes so much energy that it almost becomes a survival instinct to bear down and brush aside all else.

But that is a business context…

Listen to me carefully. We’re not talking business here: we’re talking about people…people that need a right relationship with our Lord Jesus! A saving, growing, involved, and fruitful life devoted to making His name known throughout the Earth. To me, this is what we as business people really want: to be a fully functioning member of the Body of Christ, operating as His hands and feet to achieve His purposes for us and those He loves.

In the broadest possible context for business people, it could be said that one of our most significant contributions to the Body is the very ministry team(s) we help fund and empower. Yes, we, as business people, operating on many levels; each in our own sphere of influence, as the LORD directs. Through the interaction with those on my team, I’ve experienced an overwhelming sense of enlargement of my ministry perspective thinking such things.

It was not at all familiar to me at the time. What we’ve done is way beyond what I initially thought. I’m changed. This is as it should be!

I had to learn something fundamental. I can’t own vision and direction and Kingdom purpose on my own…not in the context of the Body of Christ. I share ministry with others. It’s way bigger than me. We do this together.

I might be a hero to investors, partners, and teammates at work, but in matters of our faith and in our calling, we are no more valuable as any other member of the body. Each part serves. Each part understands its relationship to the Headship of Jesus Christ.

So, this Pastor’s observed gap regarding teaching the entire council of God—including Bible Prophecy—and the reality, controversy, and compression of time schedules most pastors face, ultimately led our team to author five six-week sermon series on various prophecy themes. Because we imagined it was important to offer pastors a gentle on-ramp first and then progress in depth and complexity, we segmented these series as Sermon Kit Series 101 thru 501 to infer a sense of sequence.

Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, Bible students can download these teaching aids for free and adapt them to their own context, branding, and needs. Or, they could be used as is. Each kit is delivered complete with sermon text, PowerPoint slide deck, notes, research resources and links, bulletin blurbs, and note taking fill-in the blank aids.

So, please realize that as the LORD uses your business skills, abilities, and resources for such a time as this, you will also most likely be stretched with new vectors and decisions that may take the original burden for your ministry in an augmented direction.

In those key decision-making moments—those “go/no-go” fulcrum points—take it to the LORD in prayer: but strongly consider making room in your ministry investment budget to empower these key opportunities as the LORD directs you and your team.

Open your hand. Let others help you. Vet ideas and contributions from others: yes. Defer to Holy Spirit and your entrepreneurial gut and/or business instincts: yes. Squelch input from others or cling to your original vision in a self-absorbed manner: no!

Don’t focus so intently that you miss the very act of obedience He is calling you to. He is commanding you to follow. Let that sink in for a minute or two. Resolve to follow Him well. To do so requires true humility and brokenness – unusual traits for most business leaders. Let that not be true of you.

The team members you empower through the stewardship of your resources for Kingdom purposes can have a significant impact in shaping your personal ministry calling. It has for me. Are you a Business Person? A Watchman? Can you see far off and discern the times we live in? Can you see what’s coming and is it stirring your spirit to begin the sprint to the finish line?

Our eyes are focused on Him, not the things that entangle us here. Are you a student of the Word and profess your brokenness to the LORD in prayer? Does this regularly lead you to repentance and then to worship? If so, know that you are not alone. I am also a Watchman like you.

Take your resources and make investments in the eternal life of others. Consider it all joy to point others to Jesus through your unique calling as a Business Person Watchman within the Body of Christ and to tell them in your own voice and in your own way: “Behold, your Savior!” You will never regret it, I promise. Even if it costs you everything.

Join us, today!

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