Not Shaken

Not Shaken

“And behold, there arose a great storm in the sea, so that the ship was covered with the waves: but Jesus was asleep’… then He arose and rebuked the winds and sea…the disciples marveled, saying, ‘What manner of man is this, that even the winds and sea obey Him!” (Matthew 8:24,26,27)

Several disciples were seamen, not Matthew. He describes a violent, waves-crashing-over-the-boat shaking storm. The Greek word Matthew used was seismos (σεισμὸς), the root word of Seismology, the scientific study of earthquakes.

This was not just any storm. This was the kind of storm that shook the boat and the disciples, but not Jesus; He was asleep, in the boat, in the storm, in the shaking. Jesus was not shaken by what shook the disciples.

Matthew used that same word two more times—once when Jesus died (Matthew 27:54), and once when He resurrected (Matthew 28:2). Jesus calmed the shaking and caused some. What an amazing God we serve, Who controls the shaking!

As this is written, the Covid-19 virus is shaking the world. People are fearful – shaken. I pray by now it’s history, and you are reading this trying to recall the pandemic, but right now, the world feels very shaky. What shakes you? Fear? Hunger? Global panic? The economy?

Watchmen, only Jesus brings calm to the shakiest times. He enters our seismos and calms the shaking. He still speaks to the world and brings peace beyond understanding (Phil. 4:7).


Father, You see my storms, and You are the solution, the peace in the middle of the shaking.

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