My Faith Votes

My Faith Votes

Election Integrity Under Attack

There has never been more attack on your American right to vote. Why? Because the Left, Progressives, the Elite Swamp all share a radical, sweeping agenda, but to implement that agenda and “fundamentally change America” will take more than 4 years. So, while they’re in power, they must take away your most powerful weapon – the right to vote them out!

Remember that to “build back better” implies they intend to tear down and destroy what exists – no need to build back unless it’s destroyed. The very idea implies the elitists know more than you do, and they know what’s best for you and your family, which is why they want to control your child’s education from preschool through college. It suggests they know better than the framers of the Constitution and founders of this nation who fought and died to give us those rights.

What can you do? Take action now to protect your most fundamental and most powerful American right – the right to protect your vote.

From our friends at MyFaithVotes


There’s a big lie that’s being perpetrated by the media and big corporations. 

We’re told that our great nation cannot do two simple things: help every eligible voter cast their ballot AND introduce reasonable safeguards in our elections. 

I reject that premise, and I am committed to solving both. But I need your help now.

From its beginning, My Faith Votes has advocated for and provided tools that equip every eligible voter.  The very strength of our Constitutional Republic is built on the power of the people to cast their ballot.

But right now, more must be done to introduce reasonable safeguards that strengthen the integrity of our system at the federal, state, and local levels.

We created a brand new resource for you to protect sound and secure elections in America.  We’re launching Election Integrity Nowa website making it easy for you to take action to preserve our election system.

You can take action now to:

  1. Oppose dangerous federal legislation
  2. Stand for election reforms in your state
  3. Engage locally and be a part of the process in your county

We can have both secure elections and high voter participation. But this will not happen without your involvement. It will require us to engage and take an active role in our democratic process.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing. Yet, Christians’ active involvement in the public square can strengthen our Constitutional Republic and ensure it is protected for generations to come.

I hope we can count on you to take action right now and share this resource with your friends and family.

United. We Stand.

Jason Yates


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