Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Out of a desire to keep the spotlight on Christ, and being mindful of the security concerns associated with bringing the Gospel to regions hostile to Christianity, we have elected not to include team members names in our publications (though this information will be provided to ministry partners upon request).

The IAmAWatchman ministry team strongly believes there is a need and an opportunity to utilize online platforms to inspire and teach believers, support and resource leaders, and reach seekers of truth—all for the glory of Christ.

Meet Scott, byline BPWM

I will never forget the moment that I decided to become a Watchman. It was on a flight back home from a business trip. For the past couple of years, I had been profoundly thinking through the alignment of current world affairs and what the Bible predicted thousands of years ago. Things are not falling apart; they are falling into place. While on that flight, something deep within me was stirred when one of the other passengers read his Bible for well over an hour. It was such an encouragement to me. That person’s demonstration of faith and obedience caused me to take the final step required to embrace the reality of the world we are all living in.

I had to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually step over the line, and never look back. I made my commitment at that moment. Even more, when I got off the plane, I caught up to the gentleman and informed him of my decision!

You see, I believe that the calling to be a Watchman/Woman is something we are all invited to participate in…but, it takes a firm decision that the fear we may feel become subordinated to the urgency of the times in which we live. Love motivates. Love for our loved ones, extended family, those in our work relationships, social circles, and in our general sphere of influence.

I discovered my need for a personal and genuine relationship with Jesus while attending one of the Big Ten universities in the heart of the United States. My journey as a Christian has been very typical of many, including working to establish a career, raising children, and growing in my faith every step of the way. Not that it’s perfect, mind you. I consider myself to be an average person…just a member of the Body of Christ, working to serve and please our Lord.

May you find the resources, the testimonies, the many facets of this ministry deeply nourishing. May you discover a welcome place to be a member of this very generation of Watchmen and Watchwomen that are setting aside childish things, focusing on preparing ourselves and those we love. We are all witnessing incredible times leading up to His soon return!  Behold, our Savior is coming soon!

Please join us on this journey!

Meet Chris, byline CTWM

I have been a follower of Jesus Christ since I was just a child (1972). I remember well the day I understood my own sinfulness, the love of Jesus expressed to me on the cross, and my need to positively respond to His invitation. At first, following Jesus was just about staying out of trouble both in the present and the future. Jesus wanted more. He kept drawing me into a love relationship. That’s where I am now, and my love is growing with each passing day. I realized though that Jesus wanted me to go further and help others develop their relationship with Him. So I became a Watchman.

Jesus has given me many avenues of service as a Watchman. The first one was as a husband and father. God has blessed me with a godly wife (28 years), two adult children, and two grandchildren (so far). We live in the Southeast. He also granted me the privilege of serving as a youth pastor (4 years), senior pastor (2 churches – 9 years), and Bible teacher at a Christian School (13 years). I am now serving with a great team from all over the country through the I Am A Watchman ministry.

Our prayer is for you to begin and develop a love relationship with Jesus. Then you can become a Watchman and help others do the same.

 Meet Gary, byline GJRWM

My name is Gary I am a husband (35 years), father, and grandfather. I felt a call to ministry at an early age. At age 18 I shared in a missions-themed worship service and committed to serve the Lord in Christian vocational service. Over the last 30 years, I have served churches in various associate, church planter, and pastor positions.

My spiritual journey began when I recognized I was a sinner and in need of salvation. I confessed my sins, received forgiveness and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Though many times I have fallen short of what God has called me to be, I have always been surrounded and upheld by His mercy and grace.

My two great joys are my family and sharing in “Great Commission” work. My passion is to present the Gospel truth in a way that is compelling, interesting, and understandable to those with limited or no church background. As I appreciate the study of both history and prophecy, I enjoy sharing what God has done, and what God has promised to do. This is the work of a Watchman. As best I can, I encourage, inform, and exhort in the name of Christ. 

My prayer is that the Watchman ministry will be a blessing to you and that you will become a Watchman too.

Meet Joe, byline JDW

The small-town guy – indeed, born in a town of fewer than 500 people. My family ministered across the US, planting churches, Christian schools, and international missions agencies. It was a grand journey through decades of front lines ministry, all from a second-row seat. I knew where my parents stood with God, but I wrestled with my spiritual identity. One day I realized I could not serve my parent’s God.

Following my parent’s spiritual legacy was failing, personally, spiritually and eternally. I needed to follow their Christ, not their course. I committed my heart to Christ and my life to His service. God has allowed me and my two families to continue the spiritual adventure my parents began.

On my desk sits a stack of hats which change from time to time. I have ministered as Youth Pastor, Coach, Teacher, Editor, Author, and now Watchman. The I Am A Watchman ministry has allowed me to incorporate many of those hats, and it is a joy to stand my post on the wall with this ministry team. My wife and I watch from a wall on the Gulf Coast, sharing the view with our cranes, otters, bobcats and one cantankerous cactus.

I look forward to challenging, encouraging and ministering hope and faith to Watchmen around the world. Some will support this ministry by contributing articles, testimonies, and perspective from their country, their city, their wall. If you are one of those Watchmen, we will talk soon. Shalom

Meet Dillon, byline DBWM

My passion regarding Bible prophecy is to, “Encourage one another with these words” (1 Thessalonians 4:18). I grew up in a church tradition where the end times were confusing or even scary. Yet Scripture is clear believers should be excited about what is to come. I hope to help you and others better understand the many ways studying Bible prophecy can change your life now.

Writing is my background—a lot of writing! I’ve worked on nearly 40 books as an author, over 100 books as an editor, and have written hundreds of articles and blog posts about various aspects of faith. With I Am a Watchman, I co-host the View from the Wall podcast, write and produce social media, and collaborate with our team to enhance our growing global movement.

I also have a heart for families and youth. As a husband with three kids, my wife and I understand there is a battle to raise the next godly generation. We work together to help others realize there is hope through Christ. We are in this together. God can help you grow as a watchman as you connect with us and others who seek to stand for truth today.


I was born and raised in California, where I was actively involved in ministry throughout the Bay Area for 11 years. After a move brought my family North, I met my husband on a local church retreat in the snow. We settled down in the lush Northern mountains, and our joy is now our two-year-old son and newborn daughter.

I led an active life full of school, work, music, and church activity, then I was hit hard by a degenerative nerve disease diagnosis 8 years ago. Since then, I’ve lived with a chronic pain illness that often impacts my mobility and my ability to plan for the future. These last 8 humbling years have reshaped my relationship with Christ into something deep, rooted and real in a whole new way. I have a deeper appreciation of the faith that anchored me through the storm and a love for the One who reached out a hand when I was sinking and raised my eyes up to the things that last. This time has helped teach me how to embrace help and fully rely on Jesus – one day at a time. Now I focus on the hope that comes after the storm. The joy that comes in the morning.

I am a Watchwoman because of what Jesus has done in my life: I can’t wait to hear about what He does in yours.

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