Jill Martin-Rische: Facing a Divisive Worldview

Jill Martin-Rische: Facing a Divisive Worldview

A View from the Wall with Jill Martin-Rische

How can we respond to the divisive worldviews facing our nation? Our nation has faced intense situations recently. From the Derek Chauvin trial to an immigration crisis and ongoing unrest, one thing is clear: Our worldview has implications for how we live.

We’ve faced so much already as a nation this year. From a riot in our nation’s Capitol to racial protests and the ongoing battle with the pandemic, there is much to discuss. But at the core of these issues is our worldview. What does Scripture teach us about our worldview and why it is important for us to evaluate?

But most people don’t take the time to consider their worldview and how it affects our faith. When it comes to worldview, I can think of no one better to address this issue than our friend Jill Martin-Rische.

Jill is the daughter of the late Dr. Walter Martin, himself an expert on worldviews and world religions. Jill is the author of numerous books, including Kingdom of the Occult and the updated and expanded Kingdom of the Cults.

Jill has also been a frequent guest on Jan Markell’s Understanding the Times.

Podcast on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/iamawatchman/ep-127-with-jill-martin-rische.

Learn more about Jill’s ministry at http://waltermartin.com/.  

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