Israel Vs. Antichrist

Israel Vs. Antichrist

Israel Vs. The Antichrist

The Antichrist and Israel – End Times Prophecy includes many nations but focuses on one – Israel. Imagine the Tribulation Times News front page story. Title: “Destroy Israel!” First sentence – “Kill the Jews! Middle East superpowers wage war against Israel.” (Ezek. 38:2-5)

Through a series of pivotal conflicts and catastrophic world events, the Antichrist rises to power. He personally brokers a peace deal between Israel and her enemies. The Jews, with Antichrist’s help, build their Third Temple in Jerusalem.

Great story. Peaceful little place builds new church. 3 ½ years later, things turn ugly as the Antichrist stands in the middle of that new Temple and proclaims to the world, “I am god!” (small ‘g’ to us, big ‘G’ to him) Why go to Jerusalem to proclaim his deity? Look at that map. What is so important about Israel? What is so important about Judaism?

Is Judaism a Major World Religion? (No)

Of all the religions of the world, why is it necessary to defile the Jewish Temple? Out of the world’s top ten religions – measured by number of adherents – Judaism comes in at number 10. It ranks lower than “Folk Religions,” things like tribal beliefs, ethnic customs, and folklore.[1] At best, Judaism is a medium-sized faith. So why Jerusalem?

Why not Mecca? Look at that red mass of Arab and Muslim countries by comparison. If you’re the Antichrist and you want to declare yourself god of the planet, at least make it look like you control more territory. Why not announce your holiness with “His Holiness” the Pope in Rome? Official statistics list approximately 1.2 billion Catholics in the world.[2] If you’re the Antichrist, why not stand in the Vatican and proclaim you are god? Why the Jewish Temple?

Why not Varanasi, the holiest site of Hinduism, or Bodh Gaya where pilgrims believe Buddha realized enlightenment and earned his Buddhahood? The Golden Temple of Sikhism is one of the most glorious sites in the world. Sikhs pray daily (truly, they pray it daily) they will one day visit the Golden Temple. Why not there?

The Lotus Temple, home of the Baha’i faith, is a true oasis of tranquility. Built in 1980, the flower-shaped temple is surrounded by peaceful gardens, with a large interior space reserved “for people of all faiths to come and meditate.” According to Minube, the Lotus Temple is one of 19 Most Stunning Sacred Places in the World![3] Why not declare your god-ity there? No, for the Antichrist there is only one option—it MUST be Jerusalem.

What Makes Israel Significant in the World?

Israel has been one of the most contested nation states since it officially arrived on the world stage in 1948. The Jewish homeland has been a focus of international attention ever since. It is November 2017 as this article is being written, and next year marks the 50th anniversary of the UN’s declaration making Israel an official and independent nation-state. This year, and to a lesser extent 2016, has been a year where Israel is continually in the news. Outside of her miraculous beginning, what is so important about this nation?

To say Israel is somewhat geographically important is a stretch. The ancestral home of the Jews is a radar blip of land compared to other countries in the Middle East. Yes, it has several ports on the Mediterranean Sea. It has some recently discovered deposits of natural gas, although nothing compared to its oil-rich neighbors like Saudi Arabia. Why will the Antichrist, and the armies of the world descend on that little yellow sliver of land?

Some have said Israel’s access to the Mediterranean Sea makes it a target. Is that it? 21 countries border the Mediterranean Sea. Of the 21, Israel has one of the smallest coastlines, including only 3 ports. Italy, by comparison, has 25 ports. Spain has 23, including the largest port in the Mediterranean. The Island of Crete has a longer coastline and more seaports than Israel, but Crete is not expected to play a significant role in End Times events. Russia is not likely to amass an army to storm the coasts of Tunisia even though it has four times the coastline of Israel. Geography? Hardly.

Is it land mass? It’s definitely not the size of the country that interests the Antichrist. Israel’s land mass, the entire country, is smaller than New Jersey. Roughly 8.5 million people live in the entire country of Israel – about the same number of people living in New York City. Pamela Gellar is President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, an organization dedicated to halting the Islamization of America and other nations. She said, “It’s not about the land …just think about it…you are landing from another planet, there is this tiny country, 9 miles wide in certain places…surrounded by ginormous Muslim lands…and it’s about land??? It’s not!!!”[4]

Does Antichrist Want Israel’s Natural Resources?  

So why does the Antichrist want that little dot on the globe – an entire country smaller than New Jersey? The above information details why Israel seems insignificant in the world, at least compared to say, the USA. So, why Israel? Consider now why Israel COULD BE such a target for the Antichrist.

Water – The office of US Director of National Intelligence in 2012 released a terrifying report with the jarring title, “Global Water Security.” The report projects a scenario in which, by 2025, more than half the earth will face severe water shortages.[5] Israel is not only on the cutting edge of its own water production, but they are also selling that technology to places like India, China, and California. Israel is solving a global water crisis. How?

First, 87 percent of all wastewater generated in Israel is reused, making it the undisputed world leader in water recycling. Spain, by comparison, is the second largest water reuser, recycling nearly 20%. The US? ONE percent![6] Israel perfected the process of producing “effluent water” in the 1970’s by pumping wastewater into sand dunes eight miles south of Tel Aviv. The water, strained by the sand, slowly (6 months) works its way into the aquifer and gets reused for agricultural purposes. This process allows Israel to raise enough crops to independently feed itself, even in years of drought.

Israel’s water reclamation efforts go well beyond wastewater reuse. They have also found ways to solve the problem of water squandered to leaks. In Cairo for example, water losses to things like poor management of resources are nearly 60%![7] One of the biggest problems is, (Are you sitting down?) leaky pipes. In many major cities, leaking pipes waste hundreds of thousands of gallons of water!

Hagihon… uses GPS-guided robots that crawl through the water tunnels, find leaky pipes, and repair them.


Leaks…Little holes are enormous problems. Israel has a unique solution to this problem. Hagihon, the company that runs Jerusalem’s water system, uses GPS-guided robots that crawl through the water tunnels, find leaky pipes and repair them with a unique putty that plugs the hole and instantly stops the leak. Any Jewish child could quote it for you: haval al kol tipa. “Every drop counts.”

In the US we don’t think much about water scarcity until we have wildfires in California or a drought in Texas. For example, the Delaware Aqueduct which supplies about half the water for New York City has been leaking for decades. It’s finally being “repaired” by building a bypass tunnel. How much water does the Aqueduct leak? Thirty-five million gallons – a year? No. A month? No. Every day. The water leaking every day would meet the daily needs of the entire city of Montgomery, Alabama. And Pasadena, California. And South Bend, Indiana. Every day. Leak-plugging robots sound like a good idea.

Food ProductionIsrael has revolutionized food production; not only theirs, other nations as well. Using techniques employed in the reclamation processes mentioned above, they have discovered ways to produce staple crops which require less water and taste better, meaning people eat food that’s good for them. Israel today is a seed-breeding giant, exporting resilient seeds that require less water and yield tastier fruit!

Many plants have parts we don’t need, or at least don’t eat; stalks, roots, leaves. That non-consumable vegetation uses water. So what if corn or wheat could be grown with shorter stalks? Tomatoes with fewer leaves and fruit bunched closer together would use less water. If you could somehow make tomato plants grow like that, you would.

Turns out, not only can it be done, but tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, melons, eggplant and others thrive in brackish water! When a plant absorbs salty water, there is a change in the plant’s cell structure. The amount of water in the cell declines, but the natural sugars increase, producing more flavorful fruits and veggies.[8] 70% of water on our planet is salt water. Who knew it could grow better pickles?

Desalinization – Seth M. Siegel, author of Let There Be Water: Israel’s Solution For a Water-Starved World says, “Desalination has the feel of science, engineering, and alchemy combined.”[9] Israel’s breakthroughs in desalinization, have turned hundreds of millions of cubic meters of Mediterranean Sea salt water into potable drinking water. Reverse Osmosis (RO) can be traced to an American Jew named Sidney Loeb who has been called the “father of reverse osmosis.” Loeb discovered that salt and minerals could be separated from the fresh water by pushing the seawater through membranes.[10]

Currently, there are three RO desalination facilities in Israel. Ashkelon, built in 2005 saved Israel from the worst drought in at least 900 years. While Israel was recovering and crop fields were green, only a dozen miles away, Syrian farmers were watching a full year’s crop turn to dust. As the water table plummeted, many lost everything. Hadera (2009), added another 140 million cubic meters of fresh water and reversed the draining of the Sea of Galilee. The third plant Sorek is the largest reverse osmosis desal facility in the world. Now Israel is selling water to neighboring nations.[11]

Currently, Iran, Iraq, and Jordan all face eminent water catastrophes. Osnat Gillor, a professor at the Zuckerberg Institute who studies the use of recycled wastewater on crops says, “The Middle East is drying up. The only country that isn’t suffering acute water stress is Israel.”[12]

It’s easy to see how water, not oil, could be the catalyst for the next Middle East war on Israel. Will Antichrist want Israel’s water, or is it something else? (Spoiler alert – it’s not the water.)

History of Israel Facts Over Fiction

In Genesis 22:18 God promised Abraham, “In your offspring, shall all the families (people) of the world be blessed.” Jews have indeed been a blessing to the entire world. Below are a few examples.

  • Israel leads the world in the number of scientists and technicians in the workforce, with 145 per 10,000. Compare to 85 in America, 70 in Japan, and less than 60 in Germany.[13]
  • The cell phone was developed in Israel by Motorola, which has its largest development center there.[14]
  • Most of the Windows NT operating system was developed by Microsoft-Israel.[15]
  • The Intel Pentium MMX Chip technology was designed in Israel.[16]
  • The Jews make up less than .3% of the world’s population, but they hold roughly 22% of Nobel Prize recipients, 54% of world chess champions, 26% Kennedy Center honorees, and 38% of Business Week’s leading philanthropists.[17]

The above points are documented facts, but not the reason why Antichrist will want to rule Israel and subjugate the Jewish people. Although the water is valuable, the cutting-edge technology is impressive, the history is vibrant, and the people are resilient, none of that is of consequence to the Antichrist. Would nearby enemy states want Israel’s resources and technological treasures? Yes, as would nations farther away like China, North Korea, or Russia. The Antichrist may use that as bait to lure Israel’s enemies into his diabolical master plan, but those “spoils of war” are only a bonus.

There are many other companies, and discoveries, and resources, and breakthroughs being made by God’s chosen people, but the Antichrist does not want wealth, or water, or even war.

What DOES the Antichrist Want?

“God’s chosen people…” That one phrase holds the answer to our massive End Times question, Why Israel? The truth is nothing on the above list matters to the Antichrist. His list has only one entry – Israel’s worship. What? The Antichrist takes over the world, kills millions, and attacks the Jews over Amazing Grace? No, not that kind of worship.

We dare not forget who the Antichrist works for. He must serve his ‘master’ just as we serve our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Antichrist seeks worship not for himself, but for Satan who has wanted to dethrone God since before the foundations of the earth. He even tried to get Jesus to worship him! (Luke 4:7) Satan will stop at nothing to have the world worship him. In the end, it will be the end, and he will face his end – eternity in the Lake of Fire (Rev. 20:10).

…And Israel? They will continue to be represented as God’s chosen, only the family will expand when we all join together in heaven – Jews, Gentiles, all who love and serve Christ. 

Total spoiler alert… Jesus wins. The battle of Antichrist Vs. Israel has already been decided.


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