Interview with Ryan Dobson: Founder of REBEL Parenting

Interview with Ryan Dobson: Founder of REBEL Parenting

A View from the Wall with Ryan Dobson

At the heart of many of our world’s problems are broken family relationships. How can we better honor God and make a difference through the way we live today?

In this episode of A View from the Wall, we talk with author, speaker, and podcast host Ryan Dobson. While many of you may be familiar with him as the son of Dr. James Dobson, Ryan serves as CEO of Rebel Parenting and is the host of Home Safe, a church-based training seminar empowering parents with the strategies and tools to protect their families at church, school, in public places and at home.

Ryan and Laura believe “to impact a culture like ours, sometimes you have to start a rebellion.” Why? Because marriage is hard, and parenting is even harder. In this episode, you’ll learn how to better live as a follower of Christ and as a parent, helping the next generation face the challenges of our society.


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