Interview with Matt Walsh: Author of Church of Cowards

Interview with Matt Walsh: Author of Church of Cowards

A View from the Wall with Matt Walsh

Are you tired of weak Christianity that cannot be clearly distinguished from our culture? How can we help change this faith crisis? Matt Walsh, author of the new book Church of Cowards, joins us for answers in this week’s program.

Like you, we are concerned at the weakened state of Christianity in our nation. Is there anyone addressing this issue? We’ve found one voice that is. Matt Walsh joins us with his new book Church of Cowards. His podcast The Matt Walsh Show enjoys a huge following, and his columns at have been read by millions. Matt is known for his controversial and provocative insights into culture, politics, and religion. He lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland, with his wife and four children.

To share one of the many great quotes from his new book Church of Cowards, check out his words about the disturbing changing theology in many of today’s congregations:

"It is one thing to prefer the new iPhone to the brick-sized mobile phone your dad carried around in his fanny pack in 1992; it is quite another to prefer newer notions of moral and theological truths to the moral and theological truths espoused by Christ and affirmed by the church for two millennia."

You’ll enjoy this and more in our program together. Join us for this week’s edition of A View from the Wall.

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