Interview with Eric Barger (Part 1)

Interview with Eric Barger (Part 1)

A View from the Wall with Eric Barger (Part 1)

Have you ever searched for something online and then immediately noticed advertising trying to sell you the very products on other websites? While technology offers many conveniences, it also opens concerning potential.

In his new documentary “Home Invasion: The Rise of Surveillance Society,” Christian worldview expert Eric Barger examines the overwhelming rise of technology in relation to Bible prophecy. He outlines the shocking effects of social media and big tech elitists as they influence our culture.

As his documentary notes, with security compromised, privacy fading, and free speech eroding, the prophetic implications of how Christian thought is targeted for suppression shows surveillance society isn’t coming—it’s already here.

In part one of our two-part series, we examine the worldview of leading tech companies, the pervasive nature of technology, and offer biblical connections with end-time events. Join us for this fascinating episode of “A View from the Wall.”

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