Interview with Dr. Richard Hill

Interview with Dr. Richard Hill

A View from the Wall with Dr. Richard Hill  

Dr Richard Hill is pastor of Beth Yeshua (House of Jesus) Church in Las Vegas, NV. He has also served as a missionary to the Jewish community with CJF Ministries since 2000. Richard is the author of numerous books including Freedom in Messiah, and the book we discuss in today’s episode, Israel in Prophecy, A Chronology.  

Richard trains volunteers how to witness effectively to the Jewish people. He leads a campus ministry sharing the gospel of Jesus to Jewish students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Richard also leads a door-to-door ministry in predominantly Jewish communities. 

Richard is married to Oanh. They have three children: Stephanie, Rebekah, and Isaak. Dr. Hill is available to teach the Jewish roots of Christianity and his love for “the lost sheep of the house of Israel” to his Gentile brethren.   

You’ll be encouraged by Richard’s unique testimony and stories of spiritual awakening among the Jewish people. Join us for this special edition of A View from the Wall. 

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