Interview With Don Perkins

Interview With Don Perkins

A View from the Wall with Don Perkins

What is the Millennial Kingdom? What will happen during this unique time in prophetic history? 

In today’s episode, we interview Don Perkins, Founder and President of According to Prophecy Ministries during his time at the Hope for Our Times conference in Southern California. Don has served as an assistant pastor and taught on the subject of Bible prophecy at several Bible Colleges and at conferences worldwide. Perkins is a contributing author to “The Dictionary of Premillennial Theology” and has appeared many times on TBN, God TV, and other networks. 

Don offers a thorough look at the details regarding the Millennial Kingdom described in Revelation 20, as well as connections with Old Testament prophecies on this subject. He’ll also emphasize the application this topic has with personal evangelism in our lives today, urging believers to faithfully share the gospel with every person possible. 

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