View From the Wall Interview: How to be a Bold Witness with Chad Thomas

View From the Wall Interview: How to be a Bold Witness with Chad Thomas

Interview with Chad Thomas, Founder of Watchman on the Wall 88

A View from the Wall with Chad Thomas

Today we have the special privilege of sharing our latest podcast with Chad Thomas, Director of the popular YouTube channel and outreach Watchman on the Wall 88, on the topic “Best Practices for Effective Watchmen.”

Chad Thomas was adopted and brought up in a loving but non-believing family.  In college, he played hockey, and as a jock lived a typical college life. 

In 2011, Chad had several dreams that awoke him to the reality of Jesus and the soon Rapture of the Church. This generated a huge desire to research and understand Bible prophecy. Chad started his YouTube outreach in 2011, where he has consistently shared his faith and the urgency of our times through the lens of current events and Bible Prophecy.

He is typically seen delivering passionate pleas from his car to his followers worldwide to help others understand the state of their sinful condition and need for Christ. With more than 2 million views on YouTube, Chad is a great example of a Watchman that serves the Lord day in and day out with great passion and focus.


Click HERE for Chad's youtube channel.


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