Interview with Caspar McCloud

Interview with Caspar McCloud

Interview With Caspar McCloud

A View from the Wall with Caspar McCloud

Today we have the special privilege of sharing our latest podcast with Caspar McCloud. McCloud is a Bible prophecy conference speaker, author, and pastor of Upper Room Fellowship in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Caspar McCloud is also a virtuoso guitarist, singer, and songwriter, an acclaimed portrait artist, as well as an equestrian, ordained minister, and bestselling author of five previous books. A modern-day Renaissance man, the multi-talented McCloud has wowed fans and fellow guitarists with his lightning fast technique, his use of effects, a la his friend and mentor Phil Keaggy, as well as his gentle, serene, Celtic tinged acoustic playing (full biography available here).

In this episode, we speak with Pastor McCloud about his work as a watchman, as well as his thoughts on how God is working in these last days. You’ll be challenged and equipped in your walk with the Lord as you gain perspective from his thoughts regarding the end times.


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