Interview with Allen Parr: Host of The Beat

Interview with Allen Parr: Host of The Beat

A View from the Wall with Allen Parr

How can we communicate Bible prophecy to others? Allen Parr, host of the popular online program The Beat, provides the help we need to communicate our faith with others.

Allen Parr is an engineer turned equipper, speaker, author, and Bible teacher. Allen’s videos and podcasts on The Beat cover Christian worldview issues, Bible Prophecy, marriage and family, current events, and Christian living. Allen is married to Michelle and they have two children. His popular YouTube channel has over 27 million views, impacting lives worldwide with the hope of Christ.

In our time together, we offer a special crash course on Bible Prophecy that offers tremendous value to all Watchmen. We discuss the main events, the main characters, and the main nations in the last days in a way that will equip you and offer ways to discuss these topics with those you love. You won’t want to miss this fascinating program with A View from the Wall.


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