I am a Watchman

I will never forget the moment that I decided to become a Watchman. It was on a flight back home from a business trip. For the past couple of years, I had been profoundly thinking through the alignment of current world affairs and what the Bible predicted thousands of years ago. Things are not falling apart; they are falling into place. While on that flight, something deep within me was stirred when one of the other passengers read his Bible for well over an hour. It was such an encouragement to me. That person’s demonstration of faith and obedience caused me to take the final step required to embrace the reality of the world we are all living in.

I had to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually step over the line, and never look back. I made my commitment at that moment. Even more, when I got off the plane, I caught up to the gentleman and informed him of my decision!

You see, I believe that the calling to be a Watchman or Watchwoman is something we are all invited to participate in…but, it takes a firm decision that the fear we may feel become subordinated to the urgency of the times in which we live. Love motivates. Love for our loved ones, extended family, those in our work relationships, social circles, and in our general sphere of influence.

I discovered my need for a personal and genuine relationship with Jesus while attending one of the Big Ten universities in the heart of the United States. My journey as a Christian has been very typical of many, including working to establish a career, raising children, and growing in my faith every step of the way. Not that it’s perfect, mind you. I consider myself to be an average person…just a member of the Body of Christ, working to serve and please our Lord.

May you find the resources, the testimonies, the many facets of this ministry deeply nourishing. May you discover a welcome place to be a member of this very generation of Watchmen and Watchwomen that are setting aside childish things, focusing on preparing ourselves and those we love. We are all witnessing incredible times leading up to His soon return!  Behold, our Savior is coming soon!

Please join us on this journey!


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