How the I Am A Watchman Ministry Can Benefit a Church or Individual

How the I Am A Watchman Ministry Can Benefit a Church or Individual

  • The I Am A Watchman ministry will maintain (and regularly add to) a digital library of informative and encouraging discipleship resources (properly categorized and aided by a key-word search feature). Our goal is to resource leaders and learners with God-honoring, informative, and inspirational material.
  • The I Am A Watchman ministry desires to help watchmen across the globe connect and network with fellow believers. The goal is be a kind of resource center and information hub whereby watchmen and watchwomen can share helpful information, news, inspirational stories, testimonies, praises, and prayer
  • The I Am A Watchman ministry is launching with four e-books. These downloadable resources address the topics of Bible Prophecy, Discipleship, the Gospels, and a Daily Quiet Time.
  • The I Am A Watchman ministry is launching with five, six-week Pastor/Teaching Kits. Pastor/Teaching Kits include sermon/teaching notes, research support, presentation samples, a PowerPoint outline, and more.
  • The I Am A Watchman ministry is launching with two Bible Studies (an eight-week study on the churches in the book of Revelation and a 10 week study on the Gospels). These studies include student and leader guides, PowerPoint support, and helpful research material.
  • The I Am A Watchman ministry team will be happy to pray for (and assist as we can) individuals that boldly challenge individuals to become the Great Commission Watchmen that God has called His followers to be. The IAmAWatchman team has decades of staff experience and in many respects, knows the pitfalls to avoid and what challenges to expect. The IAmAWatchman team is committed to walking with leaders as they prepare to proclaim the whole Gospel message.
  • Watchman ministry material encourages individuals to support the ministry of a local church. To be “ALL IN” for Jesus includes engaging in and supporting the ministry of a local church. The IAmAWatchman team fully expects and earnestly prays that churches who encourage congregants to access IAmAWatchman ministry materials will see higher levels of commitment and participation from their congregants.

How an Individual or Church Can Support The Watchman Ministry

To support the I Am A Watchman ministry is to support outreach, discipleship, and missions. Presented below are a few ways individuals or churches can support the Watchman ministry.

  • Pray: Consider regularly praying for the I Am A Watchman ministry, and sharing your email address to receive IAmAWatchman newsletters (which will include specific prayer needs).
  • Share: Consider sharing information on the I Am A Watchman ministry with your friends and churches.
  • Submit your story: The I Am A Watchman ministry would be pleased to receive a brief account of what led you to the site and how I Am A Watchman ministry resources have been helpful to you.
  • Give: Financial support is vital for the continued development of the I Am A Watchman for the cause of missions, and to provide for those seeking to advance the Kingdom’s work in new ways, we encourage churches and individuals to prayerfully consider providing ongoing support. The Watchman Ministry is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. Giving receipts for tax-use purposes are available. Secure and professionally-protected giving portals are available on our Mobile App and Website.


The I Am A Watchman ministry has been established to help individuals know the love of Jesus, enter into relationship with Jesus, live for Jesus, tell others about Jesus, and to prepare for the imminent return of Jesus. In informal language, the I Am A Watchman ministry strives to help individuals finish well (which is to live a life of meaning and purpose, and at the coming judgment hear the Lord say, “Well done my good and faithful servant”).  In more theological terms, I Am A Watchman ministry’s focus is to help prepare the bride of Christ to meet the coming Bridegroom. This language comes from Matt. 25:1-46; Rev. 19:7-9; Rev. 21:2; John 14:1-3; Rev. 21:9-11. The phrase is a word picture that imagines believers in Christ as the bride, who stand in readiness and purity, waiting for the Groom, who has promised to return, reward, and take his bride away.

The wise will strive to live well so they can finish well. The astute will strive to be aware of what God has done and what prophecy notes He will do in the days to come.  In support of these goals, the I Am A Watchman ministry is happy to make available at no cost a wealth of discipleship, prophecy, and spiritual growth resources for those who desire to learn, and those who are called to lead.


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