God is Precise

God is Precise

The Word of God is not only true; it is amazingly precise. This provides confidence that God’s promises are not just generally true – they are absolutely and precisely true.

Bible Prophecy experts and apologists appreciate the precise nature of Scripture. These are incredibly specific prophecies fulfilled exactly as God said. This proves the integrity and inspiration of Scripture. These truths strengthen our witness and embolden faith.

God’s directives are equally as precise as His prophecies and promises. Too often, believers overlook or minimize this key truth.

Consider Moses: when water was needed in Numbers 20:1-13, Moses struck a rock with his staff, as he was directed by God to do to resolve a similar crisis about 40 years earlier. However, in Numbers 20, God had told Moses to speak to the rock, not strike it. For not following God’s leading precisely, Moses was severely disciplined by the Lord.

Consider also the story in 2 Kings 13:18,19. There, a King is severely rebuked. The prophet Elisha told him to strike the ground with the arrows in his hand. The king did but only struck the ground three times, and he got rebuked for it.

That may seem unfair; he was not told how many times to strike the ground. True, but the principle is, he was not told to stop.

God considered this a profound act of disobedience. There are many similar stories of people disciplined by God for not following His instructions to the letter (see 1 Kings 20:35-36; 1 Samuel 15).

I am moved to exhort believers in general and Watchmen, in particular, to pay close attention to God’s specific instructions. Matthew 25:25 describes God as a “Hard master.” Jesus sacrificed much for His people and has high expectations of His people.

The day of the Rapture draws near; the Bema Seat Judgment will follow. At this judgment, believers will stand before the Lord and give an account of how well they followed the specific directives the Lord gave.

Do we serve as God directs us to serve? Do we share as God calls us to share? What about our prayer life, our giving, our study habits, our witness? This is a hard word, but Scripture indicates the hour is late. Now is the time for maximum effort, maximum attention to the Lord’s directives, and utmost obedience.

Finish well, Watchmen. Obey exactly and receive God’s approval and commendation at the judgment to come.


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