Full Contact Christianity

Full Contact Christianity

Christianity is not easy. It’s intense, challenging, and definitely not for the squeamish. Following Christ is not the path of least resistance.

It means ministering on the mountain tops, but also in the deepest part of the sea. It is confronting the topics of the day from a decidedly biblical perspective and facing down the devil where he has home-court advantage. It’s full-time work, overtime ministry, often with part-time pay or volunteer status.

The First-Century Church served widows and orphans. They served meals and worked with the poor and diseased who no one else would help. These were diseases like leprosy, for which there was no cure. These were widows and orphans with no help from the government or Social Security. First-Century Christians dug into their own pockets to provide for those who could not provide for themselves.

They knelt in the muddy streets to pray over the broken and hurting. They sold their property and gave the proceeds away. This was messy mercy and costly Christianity. First-Century Church was NOT Jesus—101.

Watchmen aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty lifting sinners out of the mire. They give away the best to the least. It’s not pretty. There are no spotless uniforms. You will collide with an enemy who desperately wants to keep the world desperate.

Christianity was fundamentally revolutionary in several respects, but one of the most evident was that their churches were hospitals for sinners, not museums for saints.

Compare that to the present age. Visit Rome, and you will see tourism has taken over. The Church has exchanged its vision for tradition; its salvation for sanitation. In parts of the world once known for their worship, the churches have literally become museums, filled with statues of the dead. Only tourists attend on Sundays, and only for selfies of the ceiling.

Lately, it has become popular to say, “We are a ‘First-Century Church.’” I can’t help but wonder if they knew what that really meant, would they still want to be a member?


The Church is not a sports field, it’s a battlefield. These are the Last Days. This is not ANYTHING like First-Century Christianity. It’s far more intense, costly, and grimy.

Often, the people you help will not appreciate it, they will expect it. The government will not overlook you, they will oppose you. Other churches will not join in the mission, they will join the competition.

This is the End Times. This is full-contact Christianity. Are you all the way ALL IN?


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