Friend Request

“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.” (Proverbs 13:20)

Have you ever noticed that you drink more coffee when you’re with your latte loving brother? That you spend more money when you see your sister who loves to shop? That you gossip more around those with loose lips? That you feel negative after a day spent with someone who only complains?

There’s something to it: we tend to take on the characteristics of the ones we surround ourselves with. It is vital that we build ourselves a strong wall of support to help shape and guide us as we move, grow and change in life. Everyone feels discouraged sometimes, yet chances are high that we will be more positive, happier people if we surround ourselves with positive, happier people. When we seek friendships with people who love the Lord, we can rest assured that they will feed our souls in a way that other friendships never could. They will pour into our spiritual lives and help us become better people, allowing us to become the kind of people that others seek out as friends to build themselves a stronger wall of support.

So let’s all support each other. Let’s reach out to that new friend. Let’s take that open seat, make that call, send that friend request. Take the first step. It’s worth it.


Father, guide my steps to the friendships that bring You glory. Help me seek out real and meaningful relationships and help me to become the kind of friend that brings You honor.

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