Dependable, Available, Accountable

Dependable, Available, Accountable

“I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

Someone said, “The greatest ability is dependability.” Someone else said, “The greatest ability is availability.” The greatest (add prefix here) -ability is reliability, flexibility, accountability, et al. Someone has made a case for each.

Dependability. People know a Watchman is dependable. He doesn’t show up late because “the donkey traffic was crazy today!” She doesn’t call in sick because she had a really bad hair day. Watchmen are dependable, even when others are not; perhaps especially when others are not.

Dependable has many faces, but not all of them include answering the 3 am phone call or providing a ride when your cousin’s truck breaks down. Being dependable includes some of the other -abilities.

Availability – when the church office needs help with Christmas decorations. If your wife needs more help than your golf swing.  

Reliability – if it’s your week to usher and greet people at the door, be there. Simple as that.

Flexibility – if you’re asked to ush (usher) at 2nd service instead of 1st just say yes. One Watchman told me, “Part of every plan is planning for what to do when things don’t go as planned.” Accountability – is responsibility aimed up.

Watchmen are able, but not because of their list of abilities. Watchmen say, “I am able….” because of their Father. I Am is the greatest ability.


Father, I am able because you have enabled me. Expand my abilities to be more able, more often, for Your glory.

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