Dad: No Appointment Necessary

Dad: No Appointment Necessary

In 2016 this author had brain surgery twice – it was such fun the first time. During the several months of recovery, my surgeon and doctor often told me in kind, reassuring tones, “If you need anything, call the office, and they’ll make an appointment right away.” On several occasions, I did, and they did. There was little delay; they always got me in as soon as possible.

As Father’s Day nears, I’m reminded of Hebrews 4:16, which promises me immediate direct access to the “throne of grace.” We have unlimited, unrestricted access to the God of the universe, no appointment necessary. Therefore, we should come with boldness to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and may find grace for help in time of need.”

Anytime, anywhere, we can enter the heavenly Father’s presence and talk about anything we want or need – walk-in service! You and I have access to heaven’s throne room, no waiting.

My father is in his 80s. He’s been in ministry for over 50 of those years, planting and pastoring many churches and Christian schools. He often studied at home, and but there were times he worked at the church office. In all those many years when he pastored, if I needed my dad, I could always walk into his study and talk. I could go to the church office and see him at a moment’s notice. He never treated me like an interruption.

Never in all those decades did he tell me to make an appointment. Why? He’s my dad. My heavenly Father operates that same way. As we celebrate Father’s Day, I challenge the dads to have an open-door policy to your kids, and I challenge the kids to walk through that open door.

Some reading this may not enjoy that relationship with a father figure in your life. Know this, your Father in heaven is never too busy to hear your voice, wipe away your tears, or rush to your aid. You are always welcome. There is never any appointment needed.

Happy Father’s Day dads.  


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