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Watchmen have a calling from God. It is a spiritual objective and personal mandate.
Watchmen play a vital role in these End Times.
If you have a burning desire to see the world saved, and the Church warned, you may be a Watchman or Watchwomen.

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Witnessing in Such a Time as This

WITNESSING IN SUCH A TIME AS THIS I was what parents affectionately call, an active andRead More

Watchmen Understand Signs of the Times

Watchmen Understand the Signs of the Times Watchmen see the signs of the times. Watchmen seeRead More

WATCHMAN Lifestyle


A Watchman’s Calling – Are You Called?

A Watchman's Calling - Are You Called? Watchmen have a mission—a mission from God. They cannotRead More

The Wonder of Bible Prophecy Video Part 1

THE WONDER OF PROPHECY Bible prophecy is provided to help individuals know about the love ofRead More

I am a Watchman

I will never forget the moment that I decided to become a Watchman. It wasRead More

Bible Prophecies For The 21st Century Church

More than 100 Bible prophecies address the Church Age and 21st Century Church. This articleRead More

Identifying Your Spiritual Gifts

Each one of us has something special to offer to the world for the goodRead More

Bible Prophecy

Should Christians Support Israel?

America has been the chief financial supporter of Israel in recent years. Since the 18thRead More

Discipleship - Growing in Christ

What Believers Should Know About the Bible

  We live in a time when many have questions about God, faith, and Christianity—but weRead More

What It Means To Be A Watchman

God is at Work in America

A commentary on the defunding of Planned Parenthood “Children are a gift from the Lord; theyRead More

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