Carl Gallups Interview Transcript

Carl Gallups Interview Transcript

A View from the Wall

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(With Founder Scott Townsend of I Am A Watchman ministries)

Oct. 17, 2018, with co-hosts Joe and Gary Interview with Pastor Carl Gallups based on his book,

Gods of Ground Zero

(CG= Pastor Carl Gallups, WM= Watchman Interviewer)


WM: Pastor Gallups, welcome to I Am A Watchman and our program A View From the Wall.

G: Joe, thank you so much. It’s good to be with you. God bless you.

WM: We have been blessed to have relationships with a number of prophetic and End-times teachers, and Dr. Gallups is a name that is recognized across the country. If you have been to any prophetic conferences or any of those type of events, you would recognize Dr. Gallups’ name. Dr. Gallups is also author of Gods of Ground Zero. Tell us about that book.

CG: Oh, well thanks. Yeah, that’s my latest book. I’ve been very blessed. I’ve been the author of numerous books, and the Lord has blessed them. All glory to him. My latest book, released just a couple months ago, is as you said, Gods of Ground Zero. It is kind of a sequel to the book that proceeded it. Its name is Gods and Thrones. And both of those books have gone all over the world, so some of your audience may be familiar with them. But I just want to say that the latest book, Gods of Ground Zero, does not require that you read the first one first. They stand alone. They stand on their own. But at the same time, if your audience were to read both of them, they would have a tremendously improved insight of the contextual connection of the word of God from Genesis to Revelation. Thanks for asking me about it.

WM: Pastor Gallups, God has connected us to watchmen around the world—people who identify themselves as watchmen. And for the most part, we see those folks as people who understand the times we’re living in and have a sense of urgency about sharing the gospel because they understand the time we’re living in. They serve in their church a little differently. They are more aware of what’s going on in the context of prophecy. What would you say is the role of someone who identifies themselves as a watchman in the 21st century church? What does a watchman do?

CG: Well thank you, Joe. Listen, that could be an entire hour-long show. But I will keep it in the briefer format as I answer that question. Look, here’s the deal guys, Joe and Gary. We are living in the most prophetic time since the first coming of Jesus Christ. There is just no biblical or historical denial of that. Now, as you guys know, but I want to make sure your audience knows, I am not a date setter. I don’t sensationalize those things that are not already sensational. I mean, there’s a lot of sensational stuff happening around the world leaping right off the pages of the Bible. But I try very hard not to speculate. I try to make the contextual connections that the word of God makes from Genesis to Revelation. Now when we do that, what we discover–there can be no denial that we are the first historical generation.

Now, I use that word ‘historical’ because I’m really talking about the last 100 years. Most of what I’m getting ready to say has taken place in the last couple of decades. But in the last one hundred years, we’re the first generation out of 6000-7000 years of human history, we’re the first historical generation to be called the generation of world wars. I mean, we’ve been through World War I. We’ve been through World War II. There’s a spirit of World War III. We are that first generation.

I believe I remember Jesus saying something about kingdoms against kingdoms, and nations against nations, and rumors of wars, and all of those things. We are the first historical generation to see the return of Israel to the land—a 2700-year-old prophecy. And then, in just the last few months, we became the first generation on the planet and 2700 years to see Jerusalem restored as the capital. That fulfilled several prophecies of the days just before Jesus Christ. I mean, I could go on and on. The Arab spring—this tumultuous situation in the Middle East that brought about the collapse of Syria into an irreconcilable civil war. By the way, that word irreconcilable; that’s the word world leaders are using. I didn’t just pull that out of my back pocket.

And so, we’re watching that happen which brought Russia into the Middle East with massive armament—military—actually engaged in war in the Middle East which brought China to build its first international military base in Djibouti, on the horn of Africa, so it could supply troops into the Middle East to Russia. And now we’re watching the collapse of Turkey into a resurrected Ottoman Empire. We’re watching Iran make compact with Russia like never before. Turkey is leaning that way. North Korea is connected to Iran is connected to China–all of these interconnections and continual threats breathed out against Israel calling for its destruction. This is unbelievable, and that’s just scratching the surface. I don’t want to go too long here, but we could go on with the whole Internet age and instantaneous information and communication systems in the proliferation of filth and depravity around the world.

We could go on with the collapse of borders and national sovereignty not only in the United States but all over Europe and in other nations as well. And so, you know, as we just look at these things, genetic editing, CRISPR cas9, robotics, robot militaries, ubiquitous spying upon every citizen of the planet, biometric identification of every person on the planet, marking them if you will. I mean, these things just leap, either directly or indirectly, right off the pages of the Bible. And I’m going to say this again, and this is the end of my little sermon here, we are the first historical generation on the planet to see not only these things happen, but to see them happening in one historical generation within the last 100 years. And most of what I just said has happened in the last 20 years. We are the first historical generation to see them happen, not only to see them happen but to see them converging. And so just those things alone, and again, I could speak for an hour on this, indicate that we are living in the most prophetic time since the birth of Jesus Christ.

To be a watchman on the wall, it means, just what I’ve been saying, we have got to deliver this message. The church has to get it. The pulpit has to get it. The people of the pews—they have to wake up. They don’t have to be anxious. They don’t have to be alarmed. They just need to do what Jesus said and be aware of the times of which we’re living so that we could be the salt and the light. We are ambassadors for the kingdom of God which is on its way, perhaps in our lifetime, and if not, maybe in the next generation or two. But it’s going to be soon because the biblical signs are converging. Does any of that make sense guys?

WM: It sure does. Thank you, brother. Carl, I hear you speaking of the imminent return of Jesus Christ, and we’re sensing that. We’re sensing that watchmen are not only to be aware of the signs and warn but also to serve. We’re wanting to equip and prompt and engage watchman around the world in prayer, in loving each other, in discipleship, and in service. And we know that your base for ministry was recently impacted by Hurricane Michael. I was wondering if you would like to share any special opportunities or needs that could be met by watchmen in your area.

CG: Well, thank you. I live real near Pensacola which is very close to Mobile, Alabama. I’m at the very tip of the gun barrel of the panhandle, if you will, in the state of Florida. So we dodged a huge bullet with Michael. We, right here in this tip of the panhandle, but we have been through Katrina and Ivan and Dennis—those three monsters of years past. In fact, Ivan, the eye of Ivan, went straight over us. It took us years to recover. So we have a feel for what people just east of us are going through. Now most of the folks in our church and our community have, you know, family and friends, because where it hit, where the eye hit, is only two, three, or four hours away. So a lot of us have family and friends. I do. I’ve got a lot of family and friends. I grew up in the Tallahassee, Florida area. In fact, I was a deputy sheriff over there, and my wife worked in the governor’s office, etc.

So I’m just saying all of that to say that it’s a devastating storm. It’s going to take years to recover. They’re still finding people who died in the storm. We don’t have a total death count yet. It’s absolutely horrendous. You cannot imagine it. Even people that went through Ivan here and experienced it firsthand… From our church, we’ve already sent out five missions excursions since the storm passed through and we’re taking chain saws, and we’re working, and we’re taking food and clothing, and water and generators—we’re just doing everything we can to help folks. And we will be doing that for months, maybe years. But even people here went through it. It’s been some years since we went through Ivan. And so, they go over, they went over there, and they were just like, it was like PTSD. It was like living a nightmare again. Some of them came back just shaken to the core. They had kind of forgotten about it in all these years, not forgotten about it, but had forgotten how devastating it is in the first weeks and months after one of these things passes through.

So yeah, your audience can just be in prayer for those folks. It is utterly devastating, and in some areas, it literally, it literally looks like somebody just, I mean, like an invading army just pounded it with the Moab bombs. You’ve probably seen some of the videos on television broadcast. But that’s where we are. So, our church and I’m sure many others, but our church is really mission minded and we have been for years. I’ve been the pastor there for 32 years straight, so I’ve really, we’ve really worked together to ingrain this into the psyche and the spirit of our church. So, as I’ve said, we’ve already done 5 missions excursions, and we have more coming that are already being planned. As a matter of fact, I just was talking with the Jim Baker show folks just a little while ago because they are so gracious. And I’m very close to them and they to me. They’re getting ready to send us truckloads of supplies so that we can get them into the zones that were hit the hardest. So, a lot of people are starting to come together. Thank you, guys, for asking about them.

WM: Pastor, we appreciate you giving us some time. Let me just wrap with the question that we’ve asked others who have joined us and an opportunity to speak directly to those watchmen. It’s a difficult calling. Many people don’t understand why you would want to study Bible prophecy. And sadly, it’s a lonely type of existence. Not everybody’s family understands. Unfortunately, not even some of their own pastors and church family understand what it means to be a watchman in these last days. If you could speak directly to those watchmen and pour into their life, what would you say?

CG: Just be encouraged. Listen, here’s the deal. People are waking up. Pulpits and churches, pastors, people of God are waking up. Now, there is still a huge slumber in our nation and in the Western church regarding the gravity of the days of which we’re living. There just is. We’ve spent decades and decades and decades of our nation preaching pablum and fighting each other over church members and the color of the carpet and who’s got the biggest building, etc. I should hope, so now here we are, as I just outlined, the most prophetic days since the first coming of Jesus Christ. Prophetic things [are] exploding right before our eyes every day. Just last week, world health professionals from all over the globe, from mainstream world or global health organizations like the World Health Organization and the CDC and hundreds of psychiatric institutes—they have collectively declared, just last week, that there is a global epidemic of mental illness now, and they don’t know what to do about it. They claim they don’t know where it’s coming from. They don’t know how it’s spreading so quickly. The results are devastating. Some of it is genetic, of course. But some of it, they said that they just don’t know how to deal with, and they listed about six or seven of the most pressing mental health and mental illness concerns that are at epidemic rate. And again, that just jumps right off the pages of Scripture, to the devastating effects of the demonic outpouring of the last days, to truth being thrown to the ground, to break delusions sweeping the planet, right down to the giving over of a depraved mind. We murder millions and millions and tens of millions of babies in the mother’s womb. We’ve redefined the definition of marriage; we’ve redefined the definition of home and family and gender and childhood. We’ve thrown the 10 Commandments out, we’ve spit on the word of God as a culture, we curse the name of God flippantly every day, pump it all over the world through Internet, television, etc.

Those are days we’re living in. So, I’m saying to the watchmen: listen, understand the times that you’re living in, and understand your place in it.  God has raised you up for this time. I mean, He has raised us up for this time. We are ambassadors of the coming kingdom of Jesus Christ. I tell Christians. Live your life. Enjoy life. Enjoy your trek upon this world while you can, but do not fall in love with this world. Enjoy your families and your children. Enjoy your hobbies. Invest for the future because we don’t set dates. We don’t know the day or the hour, but live every day as though this might be the day of the return of the Lord because that’s how we make a difference. Jesus called us to be the salt and the light. Those are change agents. We say it so much, we made it into children’s songs. You know, the church has forgotten how important it is. If the light doesn’t shine, guys, darkness overtakes it. Jesus said if the salt loses its saltiness, it will be—you will be trampled underfoot. That’s happening all over the world, and so I encourage God’s people to get involved in life. Stay involved in the culture. Pay attention to what’s going on. Yes, when you can make a difference, do it, vote, not that voting’s going to change the world (now please here me), but it’s a way of sprinkling salt. It’s a way of reminding people that God’s people still have a voice. It’s a way of holding back some of the viciousness and filth that could come to you and your family because God says when you’re standing in the Word, you’re actually holding back the darkness.

So anyway, that’s just my word to the church, that we’ve just got to grow up, all of us, the whole church, and understand where we are, and let’s deal with it. Let’s be who God called us to be. And in the meantime, there’s a whole big world out there of life to enjoy. We’re only here 50, 60, 70, or 80 years if we’re blessed. So, let’s make the best of it for the kingdom work.

WM: Amen. Thank you so much, Carl. We really appreciate your words.

CG: My pleasure, Joe and Gary. God bless y’all; thank you for having me today.

WM: Thank you, pastor, for taking a few minutes. We appreciate it, and we will pass this word along to the watchmen. We have watchmen who listen to our program and communicate with us, so this will be disseminated around the world. We thank you for speaking into the lives of those watchmen, and we will pray that that message is multiplied from watchman to watchman. Like Nehemiah chapter 4, the wall is long, and we are separated far from each other. But where we hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to that point. God will fight for us there. Thank you for sharing your view from the wall.

CG: Thank you for having me. It’s my honor, and I praise God for how He is using you and your ministry. I’m honored to be a little tiny part of it. Thank you.

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