Books for You

Books for You

Did you know that the I Am A Watchman ministry publishes discipleship and evangelism books? Some .pdf versions of the books can be downloaded at no cost by clicking HERE.

Newer and softcover versions of the books can be accessed HERE.

A listing of books is presented below. Please write to our ministry partners at for additional information.


  • Galatians – Understanding God’s Covenant of Grace
  • Galatians – Leader’s Guide
  • Ephesians – Finishing Well
  • Ephesians – Leader Guide
  • The Discipleship Handbook
  • Reasons to Believe
  • The Story of Jesus
  • The Story of Jesus – Leader’s Guide
  • The Story of Jesus – Student Book
  • Dispensationalism – Precepts to Study Scripture
  • 1 Thessalonians (coming soon)
  • 1 Thessalonians Leader’s Guide (coming soon)


  • Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation
  • Next on the Prophetic Horizon
  • The Bible Prophecy Book
  • What will the post-rapture world will look like?
  • How and Why to Teach on Prophecy and Eschatology
  • Prophecy Tract – 100 Key Prophecies
  • The Grid Plan


  • The Victor


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