Any Day Now

Any Day Now

Any Day Now

Guest Watchman Toney

World events are pointing to the End of Days the Bible prophesied over 2500 years ago. I have been teaching it for many years. Now, as I watch the unfolding events in Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and others, I am struck by two things. First, how quickly this is unfolding. Second, how few people are paying attention.

The Bible is unfolding right in front of everyone, but many, even Christians, are blind to it. I have spoken many times over the years about events of Ezekiel 38 and 39. Now, the activities of those chapters are unfolding daily.

As you read this, we are perfectly set. Every participant or possible participant, is aligned just as the Lord spoke through Ezekiel. Even Saudi Arabia is in its place as an ally of Israel (Ezekiel 38:13). Any day now you will wake up to see Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya, Sudan, and others coming against Israel. While Saudi Arabia, England, and most likely the U.S. are wondering – wondering, not intervening. Why is that important? Ezekiel 38:8 says this will be “In the latter years…” I believe these are the End Times the Bible repeatedly describes. God is about to release His wrath on the Earth.

What I’ve read, understood, and had confirmed through trusted sources, indicates the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is imminent. Those who place their faith in Christ Jesus as Savior will be taken out of this world before the wrath of God pours out on it. Miss that event, and you will face the worst judgment mankind has ever experienced. No atrocity you can name comes close. Are you sure you will be in this Rapture? Have you submitted your life to Jesus? If you are not sure, or if you know you have never repented of your sins and given Jesus your heart, now is the time.

Read Ezekiel 38 & 39, Isaiah 17:1, Zachariah 12:1-2, and Revelation 4-19 for more details!


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