Are You Ready?


The Rapture is coming and will take most of the world by surprise. The Bible notes that in a moment, millions across the globe will suddenly be taken up to be with Christ in the heavens. The Rapture is God’s plan to rescue His people from the terrible trials that are coming to this world—trials so awful they will exceed the devastation at Hiroshima and the horror of the Nazi holocaust. Being taken in the Rapture is the only way to escape the violence, pain, and death associated with the Antichrist and Tribulation period—both of which are coming and coming soon. Dark days are coming. Only those who have a relationship with Jesus Christ will escape. Tribulations are coming, but so is Jesus. He can return at any moment. Are you ready?

The I Am A Watchman ministry has developed two new resources to help individuals come to faith in Christ, be a witness for Christ, be prepared for the return of Christ, and become a leader for Christ in the last days. These two resources are 1) the website and 2) the Rapture Kit.

The website is evangelistic in design. It approaches the subject of the Rapture from three perspectives: 1) Is the Rapture teaching biblical? 2) Are you spiritually ready for the Rapture? and 3) Do current world events correlate to what prophecy notes the world will be like at the time of the Rapture? Scripturally-based presentations prompt individuals to accept Christ as their Savior (or recommit their lives to Christ), and become bold witnesses for Christ. Please share this information with your friends, church, and contacts. 


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