A Watchman’s Prayer

A Watchman’s Prayer

A Watchman’s Prayer

He repeats the King’s promises. “I will never leave you or forsake you. I know your name. You are of great value, a costly but worthwhile treasure.” He speaks to God and quotes His promises, and God speaks to the Watchman’s heart. A Watchman prays a Watchman’s prayer.

Our Father – Mine, yours, ours—the city’s. We stand on the wall armed, alert, ready. We are prepared for battle, knowing victory is the Lord’s.

Who is in Heaven – He rules from a throne above any other. Many have responsibilities, but the King alone holds all the authority. He alone rules.

Hallowed be Thy name – I have a calling, but I have no authority of my own. I speak in the name of the King. His name cannot be questioned.

Thy Kingdom – It’s His wall. It’s His city. I serve at His pleasure.

Come – One day, soon, the King is coming. He was never absent, only unseen. It is not our begging that brings Him back. It is our serving.

Thy will – I’m a Watchman. I am trusted. I am armed. I could do anything I wish with that position, but I will not. Not my will.

Be done – Contemplated? Debated? No. Done. Watchmen do what must be done. They are called to act fast, first, and when others will not or cannot.

On earth – Earth is my only responsibility. I don’t guard Heaven, it’s population is safe. My people are yet endangered, so I watch.

As it is – Watchmen see the Kingdom on earth, not eternal, not yet. They see the King’s domain, not as it might be or even will be—as it is!

In Heaven – Watchmen have an earthly role, but it has eternal Heavenly consequences. Our destiny—His home. Our mission—bring many with us.

Give us – Watchmen understand prayer, like preparation, must have order. This is the order: Watchmen ask and receive. God answers and gives.

This day – One day. One wall. Many steps. Father, give me the vision I need for today. Tomorrow will watch tomorrow.

Our daily bread – Your filling is enough for me, and enough for my city. My role is to watch over others. My enough is never enough. Yours is.

Forgive my debts as I forgive – Unforgiveness blurs my vision, my most-trusted and essential asset. To be forgiven by You, I must forgive like You.

Lead us not – Do not lead? Our life depends on Your leading. Rather, lead us always while You lead us not.

Into temptation – Lead where we cannot go without You. Not into the abyss, through it—never into the overwhelming without You.

But deliver us We watch. We train. We defend, but only You can deliver us. You are the Deliverer. Without You is no deliverance only surrender.

From evil – The enemy is a real and valid threat. We cannot see or engage the enemy alone.

For it is Your kingdom – only mine to protect, not mine to inherit. Mine to watch – Yours to possess. Mine to oversee, Yours to see into. Yours.

It is Your power – my watching is my function. Your power is Who You are. We each regard the city “ours.” The city regards only Your ownership.

It is Your glory – If I take credit, I alone win, and all the city’s souls are lost. You preserve the city without me and deserve all the glory, yet I’m included.

Forever – only forever matters. Forever begins, not when now ends, but when the victory was determined …forever ago.

Amen – it is finished.  

A Watchman’s Prayer is a Watchman’s light. Darkness cannot be removed, it can only be dispelled by shining the Light of God’s Word – THE Word – into the darkness. There is expansive darkness in the world; Watchmen have ample Light.

Watchmen pray Heaven’s Authority into Earth’s weaknesses. They beckon God’s promises to Earth’s needs. When God’s WORD enters God’s world, God’s victory is won. As Light advances, darkness is banished. The Son rises, morning appears, the King returns and the city is saved.

Many watch and many pray. Watchmen count the two skills as one. The King is coming. Watchmen pray it will be soon, and watch as if it will be today.

The arrival of the King is at hand.

Pray that it may be today.



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