Interview With Author and Speaker Jeff Kinley

Interview With Author and Speaker Jeff Kinley

Interview With Author and Speaker Jeff Kinley

A View from the Wall with Jeff Kinley

One of the most fascinating aspects of Bible prophecy is the Antichrist? Who will he be? What will he do?

In today’s episode, we talk with Jeff Kinley, an author, teacher, and speaker who is well-respected in the areas of Bible prophecy and apologetics. He has authored over 30 books and speaks around the world. Jeff’s weekly Vintage Truth podcasts are heard in 38 countries. Jeff and his wife live in the Ozarks and have three grown sons.

In our program together, we discuss his latest novel called Interview with the Antichrist. His fictional account included insightful discussion points, such as the quote from his book that states:

"From the dawning of time and recorded history, humanity has longed to be one. Peace contributes to this objective, but peace alone cannot accomplish it. Making the world unified is not a decision made by presidents and politicians. Rather it is a choice that each individual must make."

What should we know about the future Antichrist that impacts our lives today? Through a look at the Bible’s predictions and today’s headlines, Jeff offers wisdom we need to better live for God today.

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