The Signs that will Make Clear the Return of the Lord with Amir Tsarfati

The Signs that will Make Clear the Return of the Lord with Amir Tsarfati

A View from the Wall with Amir Tsarfati

In the Bible, Jesus spoke about the signs that would make it clear His return is near. What are those signs? And are they evident today?
As a Jewish native Israeli who is a Christian, Amir Tsarfati has a distinct perspective that weaves biblical history, current events, and Bible prophecy together to shine light on the mysteries about the end times. From his vantage point in the Middle East and through careful Bible study, Amir points to evidence that informs us the return of the Lord is imminent.

As you seek hope and clarity about earth’s final days, we’ll discuss his new book The Day Approaching, as well as ways you can personally grow and reach others through better understanding Bible prophecy.

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