A Short History of I Am A Watchman

A Short History of I Am A Watchman

God has always had His Watchmen, but He waited until recently to birth I Am A Watchman ministries in the heart of one of His servants. All it took was a man extensively reading his Bible on a long plane flight in the spring of 2017. The founder of this ministry was also on that trip and experienced God’s call based on what he saw. This businessman determined to be a Watchman, but he knew his participation alone was not enough. He believed the best way for him to stand on the wall was to build a website that would both encourage those already in the fight and call others to join the battle. For that, he needed help.

He placed a job posting on a ministry website. He was looking for two to three men for a six-to-eight week assignment. God led him to employ four respondents from all parts of the country for over six months using his own finances to support their work. Their job was to create the content the website would present—content centered on biblical prophecy and a call to awaken God’s church.

The next step was to bring these men to California for the planning and coordination of the project. The initial meeting of the five strangers showed how alike they were. Besides having Jesus as their Savior and the Spirit in their hearts, they each had a passion for speaking and spreading the truth. They had a keen understanding of prophecy and sensed Jesus’ soon return. The question they faced in that first gathering was not what to present but how and to whom.

The conclusion of the group was to present a centrist approach to prophecy—nothing weird, nothing extreme. The truth is extreme enough on its own. It needs no enhancement or aggrandizement from them. But they believed, based on Scripture, their responsibility was to present the truth in love and to do so in an excellent way. They decided their primary audience focus would be church leaders and others already serving as Watchmen.

After spending a Saturday together, the men flew home with their assignments. They were excited about their new roles. They also experienced some apprehension. This was spiritual warfare. They were on the front lines. Attacks were coming. It didn’t take long for those attacks to manifest.

Multiple trying events soon happened in the lives of the team. One was on a cruise in the middle of hurricane Irma. Thankfully, after much prayer support from his new friends, he came home to an intact car and home. There were health struggles too. A team member’s adult son had heart surgery. Before joining the team, one member had required multiple brain surgeries. One experienced the death of his dad while he struggled with a health scare of his own. Another had struggles with housing issues and parents in poor health as he worked to help churches hours away. No one can confirm that the evil spiritual realm initiated these events, but all of them had the potential for adverse spiritual impact.

The project itself presented challenges. Team composition changed. One man left, and a female voice was added. Coordinating communication across three time zones was difficult. Constant chatter on Slack didn’t suffice. Frequent “face-to-face” meetings on two different video platforms helped keep the team on track.

Long phone calls between the team editor and its writers proved challenging for both. Writers are like mothers, and words are their babies. Anyone who critiques what they write, even if the purpose is excellence is stepping into dangerous territory. Pride eventually gave way to the need for a unified voice and clear, effective communication.

Technological problems also surfaced. The intended companies for the website and app couldn’t begin this project until months after the originally planned launch date. So the team attempted to build a website on their own. Their technological skills, though extensive, were constantly challenged by the scope of the project. Multiple failed attempts proved frustrating. Success got moved back further and further. At times, it seemed out of reach. Each attempt was a learning experience; growing and stretching the group.

The project soon took on a global dimension. People in Venezuela, Canada, Romania, and Pakistan contributed significant pieces to the technological puzzle. Not all of them understood the mission, so the team worked to spiritually impact them. Other Watchmen from all over the world—the Philippines, S. Africa, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia and multiple states in the US learned of the team’s efforts and chose to join them in various ways. Watchmen are spiritually battling alongside other Watchmen not just for this project but to prepare the world for Jesus’ return.

One component kept this mission moving. A single source of strength held it all together and got us to the launch. Prayer. Beginning with their first meeting, they invested hundreds of hours on their knees. Each meeting that followed started with prayer needs and praise reports. No one was hesitant to plead with the Father for one another and what they were doing for God’s glory. The entire team knew this was a work they could not accomplish without divine help. A search on Slack for the most common word used in their conversations would without question be prayer.

Prayer bound the team together, but humor also played its part. The people in this group are human. They have weaknesses. They like to laugh. Rather than hide or cry about their shortcomings, they admitted them to each other and to God. They “copy and pasted” each other when they spoke of their fears and limitations. Where one was weak, others were strong. They all had moments when they weren’t sure they were up to this. No, they confirmed they were not. They laughed at their inadequacies and howled with hands lifted high over how God used them regardless of what they could not do.

Launch date finally arrived in March of 2018. The first public announcement and advertisement of iamawatchman.com came at the Hear the Watchman conference in Dallas, Texas. So much investment has gone into this opportunity—money, time, tears, and prayers. It started as a project but quickly became a mission focused on ministry. No one can yet say what impact the work accomplished so far will have. The team’s prayer is that God will take what they’ve sown and reap a thousand-fold crop starting in your heart.

This short recounting of iamawatchman’s beginning does not include all the details or all the sacrifices made. But it gives you an understanding of how this all began. It might even help you see where the ministry is going. The team’s prayer is that you will make use of the resources here and that God will use them to grow you and further your ministry.

Keep checking back. This short history will grow in length as God continues the mission. We pray that Watchmen will be raised up, challenged and strengthened. Until Jesus comes, there is much work still to do.   

Finish well.

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