7 Habits Every New Watchman Needs

7 Habits Every New Watchman Needs

“The end! The end has come upon the four corners of the land! The end is now upon you, and I will unleash my anger against you. I will judge you according to your conduct and repay you for all your detestable practices.” (Ezekiel 7:3)

“Ezekiel’s prophecy is a warning to the United States!” the evangelist bellows, or the podcast, or the newsletter, or TV show. Is there a place for stern warnings? Yes. Is it every Sunday or every YouTube video, or every newsletter headline? After a while, even those of us who know the Lord is coming soon develop a Boy Who Cried Rapture reaction.

Many believe these are the Last Days; this scribe among them. A dear family friend is one of those famous TV hosts who has been expecting the rapture since his 40’s. He’s now 90+ and still expecting the rapture in his lifetime, and I hope he’s right. While we wait, what are we to do?

What Is It Watchmen and Watchwomen Do?

At this time, every Scripture which must be fulfilled before the Rapture has already been fulfilled. Every one. As in each and every. All—As in, all. So, should Watchmen preach, panic, or prophesy?  

Watchmen need to develop a set of habits. Becoming a Watchman is between you and God; His choice, your obedience. Being an effective Watchman is a matter of what you do well, and repeatedly. It’s a set of habits.

If you are a new Watchmen or a seasoned veteran, you are most effective to God when you know how to serve. Service comes down to a set of skills that you can repeat and then pass on when another Watchman connects with you for help. One of our goals is to make sure that happens.

There are many habits any Watchman develops, but there are a few that will be part of every day on the wall. Habits are not accidents, they’re created. Learn them. Print them out and read them to yourself – out loud – every day.

  • Begin every day with prayer. That may seem like the most basic step. Talk to God. He is the One Who called you and assigned you to the wall you walk. If you spend a day without talking to the King, you may miss out on His plan for your day. Keep it simple. “God, give me another way to share Jesus today. Point a person to me who is close to hell so I can tell them how to avoid going there.” Someone needs your warning today. Someone needs God’s love in their broken world. God knows who. Ask.
  • Carry Jesus with you. Look like Jesus—smile. Sound like Jesus—laugh. Love like Jesus—embrace. Drive like Jesus—you know who you are. This scribe lives near Disney. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make the park and restaurants, and even the streets look like they just emerged from a storybook. It costs nothing to be like Jesus. Sound like Jesus – speak His word. Be like Him on purpose. God’s Presence will cover you, Watchmen. People will start a conversation with you and won’t even know why, but they know there’s something different about you. Carry Jesus. Make people wonder if you really are part of His family.
  • Live like He’s already here. If Jesus DID return today, would you want Him to see you doing what you’re already planning? Live with purpose – His purpose. How do you live that way? Simple, speak. As you walk, as you drive, as you shop, talk to God. Out loud or silently. If you speak to God like He is there, it’s impossible to act like He’s not. If Jesus was here right now, would you be ashamed or thrilled? He is here.
  • Read and Hear. You are becoming what you see and hear. What goes in comes out. What’s entering your mind? It leaks in through your eyes. It’s being absorbed through your ears. It’s coming out of your mouth. Read the Word. Listen to sound teaching and worship music. (A few ministries we recommend are listed on our site.) Avoid negative angry or unclean messages. If it’s a song you wouldn’t listen to if Jesus was in the car, turn it off. Good food keeps you spiritually healthy. 
  • Forgive. What? Did that get in the wrong article? Nothing softens a heart like an apology. “I’m sorry.” could be the one thing that has kept a friend or family member from trusting Christ. Why trust God to forgive if His followers won’t? One of the phrases people hear the least is one they need the most. It costs nothing, and it can release someone from guilt and hopelessness. Forgive. When you get hurt again, forgive again. Someone’s eternity may hinge on a simple I’m sorry.
  • Write. Today, and tomorrow, and until Jesus comes; write one thought each day. It may be a word – ‘Forgive.’ It may be one sentence. “Tell Susan I love her.” Make it a specific action, not a general, “Be nice.” Write it on your calendar. Write that one word in the palm of your hand. Scratch it on the prison wall. When you imagine, it’s a thought. When you write it down, it becomes a promise between you and God.
  • Make today feel like it IS the day Jesus will return. Pray for that person who treats you poorly or takes advantage or you. Speak blessings over people who hurt you, and mean it. Forget the fight. Hug your teen instead. Don’t tell the negative story; let Jesus’ words fill your mouth.

One day, it will be the day. If it’s not today, be sure that what you do today brings someone closer to God, or brings Heaven to earth because you acted the way you would if you were in Jesus’ Presence.

Finish well.

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