A View From the Wall

Mark Hitchcock: Corona Crisis

The end times predictions of the Bible often discuss disease or pestilence. Join us and prophecy expert Dr. Mark HItchcock to discuss COVID 19 and how it may play into the final days.

Ron Rhodes – Basic Bible Prophecy

Does the Bible say anything about the modern issues we face? If so, how can we understand prophecy and how it applies to our lives today? Join us as we discuss this and Dr. Ron Rhodes’ latest book, Basic Bible Prophecy.

Dr. Hormoz Shariat: Iran’s Spiritual Awakening

According to recent surveys, the fastest growing Christian nation is Iran. In this episode, we talk about this spiritual awakening with Dr. Hormoz Shariat.

Mike Golay – Israel’s Importance to God’s Plan

Why is Israel such an important part of God’s plan for the end times? Mike Golay is the Director of Operations for Behold Israel Ministries. Join us as we discuss issues related to Israel, God’s plan, and our world today.

Tom Hughes: Finding Hope in Dangerous Times

Pastor Tom Hughes is here to join us to discuss a Christian response and how to have hope during such challenging times.

Lamb & Lion Ministries Presents: The Rapture Kit with Scott Townsend

Featured Articles

A Glimpse into the Future

The sobering truth is, what I have experienced in prison is the black and white version of what will play out in vivid color in the days to come.

Re-Circulate the Saints

We built elaborate buildings and state of the art production facilities to bring the world to us. Now it’s time to get back to being the church, out in the world, where the lost are.

Watchmen and the Rapture

Satan is a brilliant deceiver. He has convinced many that because the exact date of the Rapture is unknown, we also cannot know the season of the Lord’s return. But why should we care? And what should we do?

In Season and Out of Season

If you are a Christian, this is a time when Christianity is out of season. The time is coming when it won’t be out of season; it will be open season on Christians.

Can You Hear Me Now?

As a believer in Christ and a Watchman, I have worked to prioritize listening to the “still small voice” of God. This has proved to be a great challenge during my incarceration.

Violence is Not the Answer

Is this a fight? Absolutely, but not the one that is waged on Capitol Hill or the streets or in the air or desert sands. Make no mistake, this battle is spiritual.

Encouraging and Inspirational

Partner with I Am A Watchman Ministries

We sense that God is moving and believe we stand at a crucial point in history. The need to watch, warn, equip and encourage is increasing as significant changes are taking place in our world.

Jesus – God’s Promise Fulfilled

I cannot promise you that 2021 will be any better than 2020 has been; I wish I could. What I can promise you is that Jesus will go with you.

Reasons to be Thankful

There are physiological, psychological, spiritual, and relational benefits to being thankful. Being able to see these benefits is not difficult— being able to be grateful in a world wrought with many challenges can be difficult.

The Mountain

I Am A Watchman Minute

Watchmen in Unexpected Places

Is God’s Word Hidden in Your Heart?

Incarceration has been a real shock for me – it is for many. The experience has reminded me of this basic principle: We will face moments when we need hope, comfort, and answers.

A Glimpse into the Future

The sobering truth is, what I have experienced in prison is the black and white version of what will play out in vivid color in the days to come.

Laughter – Good For the Soul

In prison, and I venture to say, in most mission fields where there is little light and hope, the most effective way to open doors to share the Gospel is to spread joy.

What it Means to be a Watchman

The Gift of Salvation

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A Study on Bible Prophecy About the Author Gary has served in pastoral ministry for more than 30 years. He is a student of the Word and has a passion for presenting Scripture in ways that are interesting and clear—particularly to those with limited or no church background. Gary is

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Teaching Series Free Resources to Help Your Church Grow in Love with Jesus “Things are not falling apart, they are falling into place!  Do you believe this?” One of our core principles at I Am A Watchman ministries is the recognition that many churches today are not following the example