A View From the Wall

Dr. Andy Woods: The Role of Babylon in Bible Prophecy

Dr. Andy Woods is the Senior pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church. He is also the president of Chafer Theological Seminary.

Interview with Gary Ray: IAAW President, Author and Director of Set Free Ministry

In this interview, Joe Kerr and Gary Ray discuss the new Set Free Indeed ministry and Gary’s new novel, The Victor.

Interview With Barry Stagner

In our program we discuss the importance of Bible Prophecy in the local church. You’ll enjoy Barry’s heart for sharing God’s Word and the end times, offering hope and help.

Jack Hibbs: The Importance of Current Events in Bible Prophecy

In our program, we discuss the role of current events in the context of Bible Prophecy. The continued stage setting leads to a sense of “something is coming.”

Interview with Tom Hughes

Today we interview Tom Hughes, Founder of Hope For Our Times: a website about the revelation and prophecies of the Holy Bible featuring 467 videos, 33,000 subscribers, and 3.5 million views.

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A Study in 1 Thessalonians

The primary reason the work of the believers in Thessalonica is considered unusual or exceptional today, is that most today do not fully understand their calling in the faith.

Calvary Red Rock with Gary Ray and Shannon Scholten

If your group is hosting a special service focusing on Bible Prophecy and the Rapture Kit (which allows believers today to have an impact on the post-rapture world), reach out today!

The Gog-Magog War

The magnitude of the destruction of the God-Magog war will be staggering. Israel, though vastly outnumbered and outgunned, will be the undisputed victor.

Remembering Who You Are in Christ

Rising above the pain of this world and focusing on the promises of God requires a different mindset than the world offers.


When they say what they believe, and you get to hear it, there is no denying they have a plan for you and your family. It is evil, nefarious, vile, and make no mistake—active.

Encouraging and Inspirational

Remembering Who You Are in Christ

Rising above the pain of this world and focusing on the promises of God requires a different mindset than the world offers.

I Am A Watchman Team Member Releases New Novel

“The Victor pulls back the veil and provides a glimpse into heaven, the strategy of dark spiritual forces, and the beauty and desire of God, who wants more for His people than this world can offer.”

Merry Christmas

During this season, be quick to praise Jesus, the Prince of peace, and to remember, that He is the source of peace.

Reasons to be Thankful

There are physiological, psychological, spiritual, and relational benefits to being thankful. Being able to see these benefits is not difficult— being able to be grateful in a world wrought with many challenges can be difficult.


I Am A Watchman Minute

Watchmen in Unexpected Places

The Red Zone

I felt ashamed, mortified, and alone as I sat in my cell. But though God could have chosen to ignore me, or heap condemnation on me, He chose to sit with me and comfort me.

Beauty From Ashes

On an Easter Sunday, in a forlorn section of the State, at a prison with a notorious history, I saw God move. I will never look at the “Little Yard” the same way again, and I am not alone in that.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Under prison policy, cemetery grave markers bear no names – only numbers. Satan wants us to believe the lie that we have no value, to think we’re unworthy of even a name. There is a better way.  

Lamb & Lion Interview

The Gift of Salvation

What it Means to be a Watchman

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A Study on Bible Prophecy About the Author Gary has served in pastoral ministry for more than 30 years. He is a student of the Word and has a passion for presenting Scripture in ways that are interesting and clear—particularly to those with limited or no church background. Gary is

Teaching Series

Teaching Series Free Resources to Help Your Church Grow in Love with Jesus “Things are not falling apart, they are falling into place!  Do you believe this?” One of our core principles at I Am A Watchman ministries is the recognition that many churches today are not following the example