A View From the Wall

Dr. Michael Youssef: Author of Hope for this Present Crisis

Dr. Michael Youssef’s new book Hope for This Present Crisis will teach you how to stand up to attacks on your faith, and defend Christianity as a meaningful contribution to society.

Alex McFarland: Biblical Worldview – A Battle we must Win

What is the importance of developing a biblical worldview? Find out from one of today’s leading worldview experts on this episode of A View From the Wall.

Craig A. Evans: Jesus and the Manuscripts – What we can Learn from the Oldest Texts

A well-known evangelical scholar, Evans is a Fox News Opinion contributor and regularly lectures and gives talks at popular conferences and retreats on the historical Jesus, Archaeology, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Bible.

Jan Markell: The Role of the Remnant Church in the Last Days

Many strong believers today realize that the Church is numerically reducing in size. In this episode, Jan will define the “Remnant Church” and discuss topics that frequently come up.

Wesley J. Smith: Fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism

Join us for a discussion with award-winning author Wesley J. Smith.
The Human Life Foundation named him a Great Defender of Life for his work against assisted suicide and euthanasia.

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Coming Soon: Person of Interest by J. Warner Wallace

Can the truth about Jesus be discovered? Even without a body or a crime scene?


I Am A Watchman Minute

How to Finish Well

Know that it doesn’t matter what you think your limitations are. Finishing well is not about doing ‘high-profile’ things for Christ; finishing well flows from being faithful to Christ.

God, Help Me See

I Am A Watchman Minute

Are Believers Exempt from Trial and Tribulation?

There is a reason the last days are marked by difficulties and challenges; Satan is working overtime – he knows these are the last days too. He’s working harder than ever before.

They’re Coming for your Children

This is not about equal rights or equal treatment, and it never was. This is about recruiting and grooming with the goal of eventually abusing a generation of children, your children.

Is That in the Bible?

In this age of deception and confusion, Watchmen should know what they believe and why they believe it. An understanding of Scripture emboldens and equips believers to be stronger witnesses.

Encouraging and Inspirational


I Am A Watchman Minute

Believe in God’s Goodness

I am a Watchman Minute

The Greatest Upset in History is…

Don’t give up on God, because He will never give up on you. Keep believing that nothing is impossible for those who believe. And keep looking for the upsets in the toughest areas of life.

5 Ways to be All God Calls You to be as a Homebound Woman

God has called each of us for a divine purpose. It’s not always convenient or easy staying home in a fast-paced world, but we can still do work for his kingdom from our living room.

How the Bible Came to Be

More people have read the Bible than any other book in history. That’s interesting and makes it unique, but what makes it truly God’s Word? How we can verify that the Bible is true?

Watchmen in Unexpected Places

The Red Zone

I felt ashamed, mortified, and alone as I sat in my cell. But though God could have chosen to ignore me, or heap condemnation on me, He chose to sit with me and comfort me.

Beauty From Ashes

On an Easter Sunday, in a forlorn section of the State, at a prison with a notorious history, I saw God move. I will never look at the “Little Yard” the same way again, and I am not alone in that.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Under prison policy, cemetery grave markers bear no names – only numbers. Satan wants us to believe the lie that we have no value, to think we’re unworthy of even a name. There is a better way.  

Lamb & Lion Interview

The Gift of Salvation

What it Means to be a Watchman

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