A View From the Wall

Interview with Jason Yates

Today we talk about this critical time in American History. With Jason’s leadership, My Faith Votes made a measurable impact on Christian voter turnout in 2016 and is motivating and equipping every Christian to Think, Pray, and Vote. 

Interview With Dr. Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is founder and president of Lamb and Lion Ministries in the Dallas, Texas area. In today’s program, we discuss his book, Rapture: Fact or Fiction? It details the biblical case for the Rapture and its implications for our lives today.

Interview With Pete Garcia

Pete is the founder of an online prophecy outreach dedicated to helping people better understand the end times. In our program, we discuss the significance of the Pretribulation view of the Rapture, including applications for today.

Interview With Jan Markell

Jan is a cherished friend of our ministry. In this episode, we discuss how to live out our faith during perilous times, learn more about the topics and speakers at her upcoming conference, and discuss the fulfillment of prophecies.

Interview With Jill Martin Rische

In today’s episode we examine some common false teachings of our time, how to address false teachings in the church, as well as how the growth of false teaching connects with the Bible’s predictions of the last days. 

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What Believers Should Know About the Christian Walk

God will help you to do what He calls you to do. No matter what it is, if God is prompting or leading you to do it, then He will help you accomplish it.

Dark days are coming. The only escape is by being in relationship with Jesus Christ. Tribulations are coming, but so is Jesus. He can return at any moment. Are you ready?

Speaking the Truth in Love

Fearing coming across as different, intolerant, or fanatical can inhibit a Watchman’s message today, and cause us to falter when we have an opportunity to share the truth in love.

The Leap

God calls us to wake, but also to leap; leap away from the idea of a perfectly planned life. The greatest things happen when we surrender our carefully laid plans and lean into the Father’s guiding hands.

What Believers Should Know About the Bible

Now is the time for believers to not just know what we believe—we must also understand why we believe it, and be able to articulate our convictions.

God is at Work in America

Today, God’s people—particularly those in America, have an opportunity and obligation to both recognize and join the battle. We must, as Joshua declared, “Choose this day whom we will serve…” 

Should Christians Support Israel?

Most Arab States do not recognize Israel’s right to exist. Several countries call for the destruction of Israel in their Constitutions. Few countries stand with Israel. Should America? Should Christians?


God is Never Late – and Never Early

I Am A Watchman Minute

God’s Address on Earth

God’s address on Earth is the Church. One day we will all share the Father’s House in Heaven. For now, Watchmen love God’s House on Earth.

What Believers Should Know About the Christian Walk

God will help you to do what He calls you to do. No matter what it is, if God is prompting or leading you to do it, then He will help you accomplish it.


Rocket Surgery, Science Brains

You’ve heard the phrases – “It’s not rocket science” or, “It’s not brain surgery.” They mean the task is not as difficult as it seems. Watchmen dare not make the message of salvation so complicated people miss it.

Prophecies and Probabilities

I Am A Watchman Minute

What is Inside You?

Someone said, “If you do not hunger and thirst after God, maybe it’s because you are already full of yourself.” Do you need to change your spiritual diet?

What it Means to be a Watchman

The Gift of Salvation

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A Study on Bible ProphecyAbout the AuthorGary Ray has served in pastoral ministry for more than 30 years. He is a student of the Word and has a passion for presenting Scripture in ways that are interesting and clear—particularly to those with limited or no church background. Gary is happily

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Teaching Series Free Resources to Help Your Church Grow in Love with Jesus “Things are not falling apart, they are falling into place!  Do you believe this?” One of our core principles at I Am A Watchman ministries is the recognition that many churches today are not following the example