A View From the Wall

Jill Martin Rische – Is Our World Falling Apart or Falling Into Place?

Today we’ll talk with worldview expert Jill Martin Rische. She shares how today’s growing non-biblical worldview closely connects with the increased apostasy the Bible predicts will occur in the end times.

Interview with Eric Metaxas: The Battle for Truth

In this program, we are joined by NY Times bestselling author and radio host Eric Metaxas. He’s written groundbreaking books like If You Can Keep It, and the series we’ll discuss in this program, Donald the Caveman.

Interview with Steve Strang: God, Trump, and COVID-19

How is Covid-19 affecting Christians, the world, and America’s 2020 election? To answer, we are joined by bestselling author Steve Strang.

Interview with Ryan Dobson: Founder of REBEL Parenting

At the heart of many of our world’s problems are broken family relationships. How can we better honor God and make a difference through the way we live today?

Interview with Evangelist Alveda King

One of today’s great voices in the pro-life movement also has a historic connection with America’s civil rights movement. We are honored to talk with Evangelist Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lamb & Lion Ministries Presents: The Rapture Kit with Scott Townsend

Featured Articles

How the Exodus Foreshadows the Tribulation

The Exodus story speaks of supernatural provision, epic struggles, the ultimate victory, and the grace of God. The Tribulation shares these characteristics.

God is Precise

God’s directives are equally as precise as His prophecies and promises. Too often, believers overlook or minimize this key truth.

White House Press Release

President Trump’s Q&A on his Administration’s efforts to protect people of faith around the world.

Watchmen Witness

It is not enough for we who know the truth to sit back and remain silent. True love requires that we spring into action, raise our voice, sound the alarm, and rescue those closest to the fire.

The Rapture

Of all the events in the prophetic calendar, the Rapture has created the most controversy. For now, we will focus our attention on what we know and what we can say unequivocally. JESUS…IS…COMING!

Baby Steps (Part 1)

The ex-gang member confesses that he has caused significant injury to more than 100 people. Ten years after his crime, he has not been able to forgive himself and wonders if God would want to, or could.

Encouraging and Inspirational

What is Your Crisis Default?

What holds you up in a crisis? What is your default training?

There is Hope in the Lord

Darkness is falling. As the day of the return of the Lord draws near, Watchmen must seize and create opportunities to point people to Christ – the eternal Source of hope.

Lazarus and the Stone

I Am A Watchman Minute

The Importance of Mentoring (Baby-Steps Part 2)

According to the unwritten prison code, the man had aggressively disrespected Mr. S. I held my breath for a moment, not knowing what was about to happen.

Does God Want us to Judge?

I Am A Watchman Minute

Watchmen in Unexpected Places

The Power of a Touch

“The Cage” is harsh and medieval-looking. It is designed to isolate and humiliate. There I sat for 45 minutes while inmates shouted an assortment of encouragement and curses.

Listening – the Bridge to Witnessing

Prison life is hard, rough, and lonely. Sometimes finding common ground is difficult, as is currently the case for me. In those times, do not underestimate the value of simply listening.

“Let Our Hearts be Broken by the Things that Break the Heart of God”

A man in my cell block attempted to take his life today. I wonder if I failed him? He was many cells away, and I can tell myself he was too far to offer help. But where is the line for watchmen?

What it Means to be a Watchman

The Gift of Salvation

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A Study on Bible Prophecy About the Author Gary has served in pastoral ministry for more than 30 years. He is a student of the Word and has a passion for presenting Scripture in ways that are interesting and clear—particularly to those with limited or no church background. Gary is

Teaching Series

Teaching Series Free Resources to Help Your Church Grow in Love with Jesus “Things are not falling apart, they are falling into place!  Do you believe this?” One of our core principles at I Am A Watchman ministries is the recognition that many churches today are not following the example